Mark Kastleman – Responsibility and Competency


Presentation Topic: Inner Leadership—Change Yourself and Others Will Follow

Within the magnificent, complex structure of the brain is everything we need to overcome our most unwanted, difficult-to-change behaviors. Yet, many of our attempts to break free fail, or we succeed for a time, and then fall back. Why? Because the strategies we use work directly against the brain’s built-in-gifts for change. 

Mark will share the latest cutting-edge Brain Science of Change and the Three Brain Systems that must be harnessed and directed daily for real and lasting change.

As we learn and successfully implement our own “Inner-Leadership,” we can move forward and empower others. As each individual in an organization or community removes their own behavioral barriers and destructive habits, they clear the way for the development and realization of their unique gifts, talents and potential. Together, their combined creativity, synchronicity and power to succeed are unequaled. And it all begins with a leader’s personal transformation. Gandhi said it best—“We must be the change we want to see in the world.”

Specialty: Empowering people to overcome unwanted, difficult-to-change behaviors
and achieve positive, permanent change. With these barriers out of the way, guide people in the process of
discovering and reaching their true potential. 

Drawing on the latest in cutting-edge brain science, psychology and behavior-change research, Mark creates simple and practical daily principles, practices, training and tools that bring about real and lasting personal transformation. With unwanted behaviors, habits and addictions out of the way, the individual can move forward to unlock and achieve their true, full potential—and then lead others to do the same.

Mark Kastleman is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer and author. Mark works with leading neuroscientists and psychologists in developing education and training programs utilized world-wide to help individuals overcome addiction and other difficult-to-change behaviors.

Mark’s total focus on highly effective principles and daily practices for real and lasting change, make him a popular presenter. Mark speaks on a variety of topics including: human performance and behavior change; successful family, social and workplace relationships; addiction prevention and recovery, and overall life-balance.

Mark is the Co-Founder of Candéo, a world leader in behavior-change training and technology. Candéo has combined the power of advanced brain science, cutting-edge computer technology, and online support to create The Candéo Way. Candeo helps individuals and families in over 75 countries, providing 24/7 access to online tools and resources that assist them in overcoming addictions, while creating permanent, positive change in their physical/mental health and relationships.