Gian Paolo Girardi – Humility


Presentation Topic: Free Yourself from Money Related Fears.


You can be a billionaire and still worry about money and your investments. You can be bankrupt, as I am and with the information you will get in this presentation you can stay worry free. Are you prepared to become a millionaire and stay humble or loose everything and still be happy? Are you sure you are prepared? If you are not sure, come to this talk. Money comes and money goes – inevitably! 

This talk is about how to attain a healthy, worry free relationship with money. How to not worry when money is scarce and to not worry about losing the money when you have it in abundance. This is about raising above the polarities of abundance and scarcity. It is not about how to make money or how to becoming a millionaire – such goals are puny goals.  Such teachings will not help you to avoid the normal fluctuations of the two polarities mentioned above.


Gian Paolo – Founder of the Brain Optimization Institute and the University of Healing Arts.

Gian Paolo was born in 1955, to an Italian/Spanish family in Chile. From early childhood he felt a great interest in science and later for the humanities, especially for Spiritual Psychology. At age 24, he graduated in engineering from the most prestigious University in Chile. After marrying Viviana their spiritual interests brought them to the US where Gian Paolo completed a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and obtained a California State License to practice psychotherapy. He has accumulated extensive experience, gained through more than eighteen years of working with clients.

Eventually Gian Paolo renounced his license as a statement of personal independence from the tradition-laden mainstream, with its inherent limitations and over-regulations. He presently devotes most of his time to education and to his vision for the university of Healing Arts.

Gian Paolo has 3 Masters Degrees — in Engineering, Psychology and Nutrition. He practiced as a licensed psychotherapist for 15 years and as a counselor and teacher for 19 years. I have studied and practiced intensely the four main yogas for 33 years.


Specialty: Graduate Education