Mark Thornton


Mark Thornton is the former Chief Operating Officer for JPMorgan Private Bank in London.

He has dedicated his life to creating the world’s first management consultancy that does one thing: teaching leaders and teams meditation.

At age 26 he realized he loved his job, but was dead at his cubicle. Something was missing. He risked approaching his death bed without having really lived.   He met a master who taught him techniques to reconnect him with an inner resilience, center, poise, insight and an inner sense of mastery.
Over the past 25 years, he has learnt wisdom traditions from a number of Masters and applied these practices in every day, real world, high pressure, high stakes business situations. His clients include elite academic institutions (on the teaching faculty for the Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative, part of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, Wharton Business School, NYU).  He is accredited by McKinsey & Co as a top facilitator of their two day corporate training program “Mindsets and Capabilities”.

He is also a best selling published author of a book on meditation practices for busy people, called Meditation in a New York Minute.  The book sold out in two days, and was in its second reprint by the end of the first week. The book has been used by McKinsey & Co. to give to participants in its Mindsets and Capabilities seminars.

Mark has appeared on more than 60 national radio and TV shows including ABC TV, CNBC, Fox Business News, MTV, ABC Radio, Air America, Sirius, XFM, The Joey Reynolds Show, Martha Stewart Living Radio, The Good Life show with Jesse Dylan, WBZ 1030 AM, The Ed Walsh Show on WOR 710AM, KOW 850 AM “After Midnight with Rick Barker”, ABC affiliate KBUR 1490AM, CBS affiliate KSMA 1240AM, The Jordon Rich Show WBZ 1030AM, The Fox FM 99.7, WQCD 101.9FM and more than 50 other regional stations.

He teaches meditation to domestic and international organizations such as

  • Harvard Law School
  • Wharton Business School
  • Deloitte Touche
  • The New York Times
  • Rio Tinto Alcon
  • The Bar Assocation of Buenos Aires
  • Martha Stewart Omnimedia
  • Banco Frances
  • Kripalu
  • as well as thought leaders from
  • JPMorgan
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • The United Nations
  • IBM
  • Lazard’s

He has lectured at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City, and been a keynote speaker at The American Bar Association, The Exchange Traded Funds 2nd Global Annual Awards, The Bar Association of Buenos Aries, The University de Saviour in Argentina, Global Capital Acquisition Annual Meeting, as well as a number of key hedge fund industry events.   He has clients from the UK, Australia and Latin America.

Articles have appeared in Body & Soul Magazine, The Chicago Daily Herald, The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Diet & Nutrition Magazine and Argentina’s equivalent of The Economist, Perfil.
Mark has created ‘B4P’ Business for the Planet , a new model for corporates to solve the top 10 issues facing the planet.