Patricia Shull – Sacred Leadership


Presentation Topic: Sacred Leadership Workshop for Women – Seven Stages Leading to Feminine Mastery

Patty’s topic is the inner game of leadership, the game that all historical and modern day Master level leaders describe. She reveals the 7 specific stages required to transcend one’s ego and lead from the place where Master’s level skill is brought forth. Many people begin to experience breakdowns when they reach expert level leadership competence and ask, “Where do I go from here?” To move beyond expert to virtuoso and onto Mastery is a journey that is rarely taught.

What is Mastery? All Masters, modern and historical have characterized Mastery as living from “being”. Athletes call this place “the zone” which includes heightened focus and a quiet mind. Less spoken about and yet consistent in all Master’s writings are characterizations of wisdom, understanding that language creates our reality and a commitment to producing effective results as one’s service to others. The Scared Leadership Workshop reveals the seven stages of attaining Mastery and the unique skills women must throughout this journey. This workshop is recommended, but not limited to, highly experienced, competent women leaders.

  • 1-hour Agenda: Movie clips including THE MATRIX, STAR WARS, and BRAVE HEART will illustrate the seven stages listed below.
  • What is Mastery?  What did Mother Teresa and others like her teach us?
  • Stage One:  Living our conditioning.  Following one’s ego and conventional schools of thought.
  • Stage Two:  Receiving the call.  An inner call to discover what is outside of conventional thought.
  • Stage Three:  Following the road-less-traveled.  Overcoming challenges, wisdom begins.
  • Stage Four:  Discovering one’s purpose.  Experiencing inner knowing. Overcoming more challenging obstacles.
  • Stage Five:  Entering “the zone” of your new identity and awakening.  Re-making one’s self.  Un-learning.  Understanding new ways of producing results.
  • Stage Six: Embracing the concerns of our world.  Committing to your role in leading our world.  Courage.  Declaring yourself as leading our world (in your area of expertise.)
  • Stage Seven:  Living as a modern day Master.  Innovating solutions. Training others. Designing your high performance environment to sustain peak performance.
  • Question / Answer discussion
  • Final movie clip from the animation film, LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIANS.

Benefits. Participants learn the “map” revealing the journey into Mastery and the consistent conversations that sustain each stage for self assessment.  Random experiences of the high performance “zone” become predictable as opposed to accidental.  Mastery is available for those committed to achieving the characterizations of world role models.
Additional Workshop Opportunity and/or Coaching.  Participants may register for an extended workshop on Monday, following the LcL conference and also schedule one-on-one consultations with Subject Matter Experts.

Bio: Patty Shull has facilitated over 1000 successful leadership, communication and team performance retreats in the unforgiving technology race. Her corporation won national export award and fastest return to shareholders in U.S. history in the early 90’s by doing things right the first time. She has established reputation as an international, master-level change facilitator who enhances individual dignity while accurately articulating core issues and leading change to produce effective results.

Specialty: Facilitating Leaders who assess themselves as experts in their fields to become virtuosos and then masters in their area of expertise.