Gail McManus


Enhancing Conversation, Moving Forward with Creative, Collaborative Action

Presented by Gail McManus and assisted by Kimberly Berg

This workshop will be an exploration of the principles and methods of “Nonviolent Communication”, also known as “Compassionate Communication”. We will provide a framework and set of skills to address challenges and differences, from the most intimate human relationships to business, institutional and global political conflicts. NVC can help prevent conflicts as well as peacefully resolve them. The NVC process enables us to clarify our motives and intentions and to hear what others say (no matter what they say). We then engage in an empowering conversation which results in creative and satisfying solutions for all involved.

Some NVC skills include:

  • Expressing what you want using language which promotes mutual understanding,
  • Saying “no” while maintaining a relationship of connection,
  • Giving feedback that can be received and result in positive change,
  • Expressing anger with dignity and care for ourselves and others,
  • Expressing appreciation vs. giving a compliment,
  • And much more…

BIO: Gail McManus is a practicing conflict resolution consultant and life coach. She  received her training as a mediator from the New York State court system. During recent years, Gail has expanded her work to include the principles and skills of Nonviolent Communication. Gail enjoys sharing this highly successful form of communication in workshops which inspire groups large and small, including businesses, institutions, families, colleagues and couples. Gail’s work is acclaimed in the US and internationally.

Kimberly Berg consults individuals, couples and groups on their core dynamics. Her work delves into the unconscious and assists clients in liberating their minds in order to  align their personal consciousness with their soul work. Her work has been featured in both international and domestic mass media outlets including: Entertainment Tonight, American Idol, W Magazine, Salon City, and Self.