Michael Thomas


Workshop presentation: How to Find Financial Peace of Mind in the Age of Turbulence

Even the great spiritual teacher, Ram Das, admitted that he blew it when it came to his finances. He had been taught to only keep enough to be comfortable. So he only saved enough for his immediate needs not planning for the future.

This unique workshop is designed to help you take a deep look at your financial situation too, to look at what drives your decisions, what your true goals are and how to align your financial planning with your principles and attitudes toward money.



It is intended to help you:

  • Learn how to find peace and security regardless of the economy or fluctuations of the market
  • Learn how to align your finances with your principles and missions
  • Learn how to use a Life M.A.P. to discover what really drives you
  • Learn how to proactively design a harmonious future for you and the ones you love.
  • Discover your attitudes  towards money and how that affects your financial decisions.

Life Maps
was developed as a tool to familiarize people in all walks of life to apply *intention*-the power of organized planning and mindfulness.

Life Maps addresses the *8 spheres of life* in which we are constantly working to bring into balance: our relationships with others; our work life; our leisure, explorative and expressive selves; our spiritual well being; our emotional well being; our physical well being; our material well being; and our understanding or knowledge. These spheres relate to the 8 virtues all people seek in their lives: love; generativity; joyfulness; peace; happiness; vitality; comfort/security; and wisdom.

Life Maps provides a tool for recognizing what is truly important in each of these spheres of life at a particular time of life, or what we refer to  as a Life Episode, a 2 to 4 year period which can be understood as both an extended moment and/or an intentional path. The workshop will guide the participants to develop a personal Life MAP to use in navigating and more deeply appreciating the current unfolding episode of their lives.

*Materials: Work Book Provided*.

Michael Thomas Robinson II, CES* – Michael is a Certified Estate Planning Specialist. He has served as an advisor to businesses, families and individuals for over 15 years. He founded Parkside Power Yoga, a donation based studio, in Baltimore, MD, and has taught over 3500 classes. He has also lectured and taught yoga and financial planning workshops at Johns Hopkins Hospital and University, as well as to collegiate and professional athletes. He brings a level of experience to business and yoga and meditation that are unique, insightful and powerful.

Unique among teachers of yoga and meditation Michael Thomas is a  Yoga Instructor and former Yoga studio owner. His innovative combination of teaching and financial planning has earned him the approval of professionals, business owners and coaches throughout the country. He teaches *self* *reliance* and *empowers participants* with innovative tools and techniques that cut across social, economic, educational and cultural backgrounds.

Michael Rubin, PhD – Dr. Rubin is a management consultant working with businesses on strategic initiative programming and execution. His principle interest is an alternative to time management he refers to as a *”redesign of time”* which applies design principles to customizing personal, group and organization time schemes. Mike has also lectured at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University; Harvard School of Design, Vanderbilt University; University of Texas; University of Wisconsin/Madison; Temple University; University of the Arts; and is currently a visiting professor at the TC Chan Center of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. He received his doctorate from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Marcela Sardi, M.Sc.Arch –  Marcela is a renowned designer and certified yoga instructor, as well as an entrepreneur, currently directing a woman owned business. Marcela’s focus is on the application of Yogic principles to daily living and business life. She is also a co-developer of the Life MAPs Program.