Christopher Jackson and Grateful Fridays


Grateful Fridays Co-Creators and Contributors Christopher Jackson, Brandi Veil, Alex Willems, Jaclyn Strong, Ryland Engelhart and Nadine Heimann will speak on the Primordial Power and how to tap into it.

Offering tools that empower us all to move beyond the limitations of our individual and collective pasts into the new limitless potential of our futures.

By practicing Unconditional Love they will discuss how to access the abundance in acceptance and agreement that allows us to turn the strength of the Me into the force of We, and build on the simple principles that permeate every level of our seemingly complex existence.

This discussion will focus on how we step into Leadership in the new paradigm, by opening and expanding ourselves to seeing the fullness in our differences and using the free energy within our purpose to rise to our ultimate expression of self, through collaboration in service to the new world of Inclusivity and Abundance for All.