Dr Judith Long – Compassion/Kindness


Presentation Topic: “LEADING FROM THE INSIDE OUT”.

A true Leader is awesomely aware of the energy they are putting forth.  They have the self check mode as a top priority,seeing each day as an opportunity to be better, to love better.

In this presentation you will learn 7 key things to do that will enhance your experience as a leader.  Be prepared to be surprised.  Leading is an “inside job.”

Dr. Judith will discuss what it means to be authentic and how to stay authentic in the face of superficiality or negativity.  She will then teach the participants how to clear, balance and energize their energy.  In so doing, they will leave behind any disruptions to Bliss that may have entered their space during the day.  Knowing how to take total ‘responsiility’ for everything that occurs in our life and how to be ‘vulnerable’ are the most powerful positions anyone can come from.  True Leaders know this. Participants will learn tools to use in their every day lives to help them accomplish this.  Love is the Only Power.

BIO: Dr. Judith Long is a renowned counselor and author, a lifelong intuitive helping people worldwide…. She is considered an expert in the field of expanded human consciousness.

Drawing on 25 years of experience, Dr. Long applies metaphysical principles in her healing work and life.  She is known for her ability to awaken the true essence of her clients.  Judith works with the inner child, bringing the natural talents and creativity to the forefront.

Her practice also includes reading the chakras and then clearing and balancing them, helping the individual let go of any unwanted past patterns both emotionally and energetically.  She is a student of German New Medicine having completed classes in the work of Dr. Hammer.  She is able to assist her clients with physical manifestations of dis-ease by linking with the conflict active or healing stage in the mind.

Dr. Judith developed chakra essential oils while living off the coast of Queensland, Australia.  These wonderful oils expanded into mists, massage oils, Archangel, Goddess and Mother/Baby mists along with companion meditation CDs from her company Aureiah Productions.  She also offers lines of aromatherapy and goddess jewelry.  The oils express specific frequencies of the plants which, in turn, are similar to characteristics of the person or chakra brought forth.  They are popular in  the U.S., Australia and Japan.

Dr. Judith has recently been accepted as a teacher in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s “School of Remembering” and is now holding classes in “Awakening the Illuminated Heart”.  This life enhancing workshop offers instructions on how to create from the heart and ascend consciously.  Dr. Judith feels that the processes learned in this workshop are the most important practices we can have today.  The activation of your natural merkaba is life giving and a natural means of protection and upliftment.  We need this information in order to ascend.  It is a culmination of Drunvalo’s life’s work in one workshop.  Awesome!    She also offers classes on “Woman Awareness” and “Inner Sensitivity” and authored “Essence: Insights into the Energy of Homosexuality” (Joshua Books 2004) after working with many gay clients in healing their Inner Child.  It is about the joy of being true to yourself.

Dr. Long practices in Sedona, AZ.  She earned a Bachelor’s in Special Education, a Master’s in Educational Psychology and a MscD  in Metaphysical Science.

What Judith is known for in her own words: I am a Metaphysician and Psychologist.  I specialize in Healing the Wounds of the Child Within, dissolving unwanted past patterns of thinking and behaving formed in childhood.  I am also considered an expert in the field of Expanding Human Consciousness.  In my practice I offer energy work as well.  I am clairscenscient, so I  “feel” the dis-ease in my clients thoughts and body.  I utilize many modalities when energetically working with a client.  Some of them are tuning forks, essential oils, crysal bowls, light and sound.

I am known for my ability to awaken the essence of a person, people.  People have commented that I am loving and direct.  They say that that combination in rare in a human being.  I have had people come from other countries to experience the love that they feel when in a session with me.  It is wonderful that this happens for them.  I consider this to be Spirit working through me.  I just know how to get out of the way.  I also experience this Magnificent Love when working with my wonderful clients.

She can be reached at [email protected] or 215 939-5495.