Juan Ruiz Naupari – Re-educating leaders


Juan Ruiz Naupari

Workshop: Re-educating Leaders?

Humanity needs fraternal strategies and ideas that stem from the depths of the hearts of the most experienced men and women. Leaders must  learn to work selflessly, without expecting anything in return, not even the kindness of those who are listening to them. The concept of service for humanity offered by the experienced ones must undergo a profound transformation. This will be a real proof of Love for others.



BIO: Founder and director of the Pneuma System and Pneuma Breathwork, Juan integrates thirty years of global work with a counsel of Celestial Masters known as The Golden Eagle.

Trained in transpersonal psychology, he conducts over 500 of hours workshops and conferences every year.

His lectures reflect the new synthesis of various psychological and spiritual ancient traditions, the gnostic manuscripts of Nag Hamadi, and the history and philosophy of the early Christian masters. These Masters guide every detail in a “system for spiritual progression and the awakening of humanity,” which forms the Pneuma System.