Kenny Johnson


Kenny Johnson

Presentation Topic: Leading from prison
Presentation: In this presentation Kenny will discuss how each of us can live our true purpose in life once we know our Role in life. “If you don’t know your role life you will always be unhappy, says Kenny.”There will be a ten minute monologue by the speaker and then he will open the floor for questions. It is here where each participant will get a chance to see where they are in discovering there role as leaders. “Kenny says, “It is easy, if you would do your life’s work for free you are on the right path.”The presentation will be filled with humor and profundity.

Kenny Johnson, Founder This Sacred SpaceKenny spent over twenty years in prison and has been out of prison since 1997. He is a spiritual teacher and consultant to families and to those who have been out of prison and may be going to jail. He also just finished his soon to be released book, The Last Hustle, chronicling his years as a criminal and how he was transformed while incarcerated. Kenny has one passion and that is sharing the message that “God’s Grace Is Here Now.” Kenny’s spiritual awareness and other spiritual teachers insights have been published in the book, “The Awakening West”, by John Lumiere-Wins and Lynn Marie Lumiere.

“If there is anything worth serving, it’s this love. If there is anything worth being, it’s this love. If there is anything worth talking about it’s this love. If there is anything of real value it’s this love.”– Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson decided at the age of 14 that he’d take his chances with the law enforcement system rather than with his mother’s wrath. He spent the next 34 years cycling between enrollment in and release from institutions most people have no desire to visit.  In 1997 he left prison for the last time.  Kenny will speak briefly of his experience of grace – of release from the prison of his mind while still incarcerated, and share the presence which informs his life – and yours – in deep dialogue with the audience.