Marta Maria Marraccini


Presentation Topic: Dare to Let YOUR Light Shine…We are waiting for YOU

5 Empowering Principles to help you step out into the world

Have you ever wanted to show up in the world as a full participant and found yourself stuck in unhealthy thought patterns?  Marta Maria Marraccini M.A. will share 5 Empowering Principles to help you shed those limiting beliefs that keep you “out of your game”.

Learn to maneuver the strong currents of your mental and emotional bodies so your Light can shine in full radiance! Navigating the waters of the unconscious mind can be tricky, Marta Maria brings levity and playfulness to this process as you move into uncharted territory and free yourself from binding patterns of the past. Through compassion and humor she will teach you the basics of Quantum Belief, how to stop habitual thinking, and how to get in touch with your “Observing Self ” and your “ Dis-empowered Super Zero”.


BIO: Marta Maria Marraccini M.A

Marta-Maria’s unique professional journey includes extensive psychological training ( Graduating from J.F.K. with a M.A. in Somatic Psychology), Quantum Mechanics studies, and almost two decades of dedicated spiritual exploration.
She began her private practice in 1999 and developed The Quantum Belief Method empowering individuals, couples, and groups for over a decade. In 2010 Marta Maria Marraccini M.A. founded the fast growing community The Goddess Collective – A place for women to become…The Goddess Collective now has 5 branches of budding community in San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles area and more.


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