Robert Silverstone


Presentation Topic: Making money or making a difference?

Would you like to live a life of abundance and financial freedom while making a difference in the world?  For many of us these two ideas maybe mutually exclusive.  In fact, today, making a significant difference in the world requires money!  Whether you’re managing your finances, building your personal wealth, growing a business, running a non-profit or simply trying to make ends meet, a strong and healthy conscious relationship with money is essential.

BIO: Robert Silverstone, founder of The GROW Principle®, leads you through a simple and powerful process that will allow you to access your own abundance, make positive changes, and connect with your own financial freedom, making a conscious difference in your life, with your work and for our world!

Robert Silverstone is a Conscious Business and Executive Coach, Seminar Leader, Speaker, Author and Consultant with over 30 years of international business experience.  He is Founder and CEO of Silverstone Consulting, Inc., providing coaching, consulting and meeting facilitations to CEOs, Senior Executives, Business Owners, Partners and Senior Management Teams.He was named among the “Top 50 Minds on Personal Development” by Leadership Excellence magazine, along with significant notables such as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Tom Peters and Oprah Winfrey.  His articles on personal growth have been widely published internationally. He is also founder of The GROW Principle® a simple and powerful tool for conscious growth and transformation.  His book titles include “In The Moment” as well as the ebook and home study course, “GROW Your Relationship with Money.”  Coming soon is “GROW Your Relationship with Your Self” from the evolving “GROW Your Relationship Series.”To learn more about Robert Silverstone, his business, activities and products please visit