Shore Slocum


Getting to know Shore is like getting to know the essence of who you are. While he is sharing his deep passion for “matters of the soul” you will find yourself mysteriously caught up in the fabric of your own life, laughing and crying with the heartfelt emotion that connects us all. He will inspire you with his sincere caring, his abundant gratitude, his deep wisdom, and his humble respect for the richness of life.

Most of all Shore is a student of Universal Law and principles that create lasting change, deeper purpose, connection and service to something greater than ones self.  Shore has shared his message worldwide in his workshops and keynotes for tens of thousands of people annually. In his programs attendees have learned strategies for putting their heart and spirit back into everything they do and everyone they care about. They discover the joy that is present in their most challenging relationships both at work and personally, along with the light and laughter of humor and learn to let go of judgment and criticism.  An authentic speaker and outstanding story teller, Shore has worked closely with speakers like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Mary Manin Morrissey, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Norman Schwartzkoff, Scott DeMoulin, Anthony Robbins, Mary Lou Retton, Larry King, Zig Ziglar, Bobby Knight, Dan O’Brien, Christopher Reeve and dozens of others.

Shore was rated as the #1 speaker out of 45 at the annual Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur Summit, and has been rated the #1 speaker every year at the Anthony Robbins Leadership Program for 7 years running.

Considered by many, the Trainer of Leaders, he has conducted Speakers Boot camps and leadership retreats (Finding Your Voice – Expressing Your Vision and The Spirit of Leadership) to assist business/team leaders, and those with an important message to share in finding their unique style. Then helping them to understand the dynamics, psychology, leadership tools, and most importantly Universal Laws that will really move people to their next level.  Shore is also called upon by many industry leaders to engineer and design the content they possess into livable and actionable programs and products.  Chances are you have experienced Shores work but don’t even know it through the dozens of programs he has helped to mold, invigorate and produce.  One of his collaborative content development projects is a Spiritual Learning Tool called “The Living Kabbalah System” which sold out in its initial weekend and was launched nationally in the summer of 2007. This system has been released in four levels of consciousness learning and immersion to provide an entire system for Spiritual Growth.

Shore was one of the first employees with Tony Robbins and played many roles including Sales Manager, National Sales Manager, Director of Power of Money Programs, Head Facilitator, and Teacher.  Shore worked as a full time employee from 1987-1995, and since has continued to work with Tony Robbins as a consultant, program creator, and lead teacher on some of Tony’s key programs to this day.

During Shore’s time with Tony Robbins he developed a strong background in live events promotion as Tony’s first live events promoter.  Shore also utilized this experience later working on Peter Lowe’s events as a promoter helping fill arenas with up to 34,000 guests.

Shore was recruited and accepted a position with as the Vice President of Training & Customer Service in 1999.  In his time at between 1999-2002 he went from being one of the first employees to help grow the company to over 3 billion in market cap.

The core principles and teachings of Shores work have recently been collected into a series of books, called the “Evolution of Spirit”. Its purpose will be to make these simple truths accessible and applicable in everyday life, which will ultimately raise the collective consciousness of humanity through which lasting fulfillment and healing will result.  This series of books will be published and released at a future date on the Soulneeds platform.