Swami John – Integrity and Compassion


Presentation Topic The No-Mind of Leadership

Mind has but one capacity and that is the capacity to dream, whether you are awake or asleep the dreaming continues. To awake from this dream is true leadership.Any true leadership starts with the awakening to one’s own nature. In this talk Swami John will endeavor to point out the major impediments stopping us from being freed of the constant data disturbing this awakening.

BIO: Swami T. John is the author of The Concept of Enlightenment @ Amazon.com and has spent 40 years living amongst some of the most respected Spiritual Teachers of our time including Roshi Philip Kapleau, Roshi Kyozen Joshu,  Chogyam Trumpa Rinpoche… three years in silent retreat and 7 years with Osho in India, before he came to the west. Swami John is currently the Managing Director of Bio-Feed L.L.C and leads silent retreats in Northern California. best embody his mood as a leader.