Victoria geVoian – Visionary


Presentation Topic: New Dimensional Thinking: A Brain’s Guide to the Future of Success and Leadership – What makes up the mind of a successful leader who lives in The Now?

How do we maintain under our own uncertainty?  With new parts of the human brain lighting up, leaders must reevaluate their own place within the shift of human consciousness and their own awakening…the link between the manifest and the unmanifest.

Focused on Leadership, we will look at what it is to live within Life’s Shifting Paradigms.  We will learn how to protect our own health and well-being while meeting the New Demands of a new world.

While the old ways of mapping out a strategy for success has been replaced by a New way of thinking and feeling, this class prepares leaders to develop New skills for living, working, healing, and Being during the changes to come.


Bio: Author, Rev. Victoria GeVoian, is Executive Director of the Joshua Tree International Retreat Center and the Ding Le Mei Institute of Mentalphysics.

Businesswoman and entrepreneur founded the Alexandria Bookstores of Southern California.  Artist and graphic designer, Victoria developed a career in the movie industry in her early years.  She has been a lecturer, visionary and student of mysticism, for over 25 years.

Victoria is the author of God As Mother, and the soon to be released, New Dimensional Thinking.