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Nonviolent Communication

Your Most Powerful Tool for LIfe

A workshop with Gail McManus

September 28th, 2013

One full day, lunch and parking included

Downtown Los Angeles loft.  10 am

724 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, Ca 90015

Imagine a world where empathy, goodwill and authenticity is so prevalent that fear and the need for self-protection increasingly disappear.  Is such a world possible?

Can individuals, through examining what is important to them, honestly expressing their values and needs, and hearing what is important to others make a difference? Where does one begin?

Join Gail in exploring a new language that supports social change. Nonviolent Communication, developed by Marshall Rosenberg, is used in families, the workplace, restorative justice and conflict transformation. Experience this new language and its application to real-life situations!

Nonviolent Communication

skills include:

 ■ Understanding the motives and intentions behind our words and actions

■ Expressing what you want using language which promotes mutual


 ■ Saying “no” while maintaining a relationship of connection

 ■ Giving feedback that can be received and result in positive change

 ■ Expressing anger with dignity and care for ourselves and others

 ■ Hearing the needs which underlay disturbing language and behavior

 ■ And much more…

Due to Gail’s schedule, this is the first she is available. Do not hesitate to sign up and reserve your spot.

 10am  Start     724 South Spring Street, los Angeles, CA 90015


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