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Hollis Doherty

Posted by kenneth on Saturday, October 8th, 2011 under Blog

Hollis Doherty is a writer, actress, and currency activist. A lifelong passion for¬†protecting the Earth’s natural resources led her to a Biology degree at the … More

Program Guide

Posted by kenneth on Thursday, October 6th, 2011 under Blog

                                                  … More


Bruce Wright - Co-founder of Equanicity Resources on Whole Being


Matthew and Terces of Cafe Gratitude - speaking about sustainable healthcare


Dr Sharif Abdullah - at Tedx speaking about societal transformation


Berny Dohrman - Chairman of CEO Space International speaking about entrepreneurship


Mark Thornton - Author of 'Meditation in a New York Minute' speaking about Stress and meditation...


Jeff Mendelsohn - Founder of 'New Leaf Paper' speaking about sustainable enterprise


Mikki WIllis - Founde of Elevate film festival and studios speaking about his experience during Sept 9-11 which inspired his vision for Elevate