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LcL Global Leadership Initiative Webinars – Starting August 15, August 17 – September 21

August 30, 2011

LcL Global Leadership Initiative Webinars - Starting Aug 10, 2011

Be The Wave Global Leadership Initiative 



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“Be The Wave”

6-week Live Tele Course and Webinar

based on ‘Part One – Revealing the Shift’ from

the forthcoming book

The Ego and The Soul

Hot Tips!

  1. Reserve your place now for the Free Intro on Monday, August 15!
  2. Listen to an Interview with Kenneth Schwenker, Founder of Leaders Causing Leaders and Ariole K. Alei, Founder of Be The Wave Global Leadership Initiative


What’s the Buzz? Tell Me What’s A-Happening!

Do you have a sense that something’s not quite right in the world? Are you ready to experience a quantum shift?

The Pace of Change is Accelerating on Massive Scales

We’re experiencing a phenomenal acceleration of change in technology, economy, ecology, and more – and it’s quickening in every part of the world. It seems no one is immune to it. And there are no signs of it abating.

Rather than digging our heads in the sand, hoping ‘change’ will go away – how do we adapt to it more effectively? And how do we co-creatively map our future with it, influencing its course in constructive ways?

Be The Wave is designed for individuals who sense a glimmer of hope deep within themselves – a sense that ‘suffering’ is an option: it is not a necessity. Just like ‘stress’, suffering is a result of how we respond to stimuli; it isn’t the nature of the stimuli themselves.

How do we affect this monumental shift – from suffering to ease and co-creative empowerment – a paradigm shift so enormous it’s like turning a massive ship 180 degrees while it’s still anchored firmly in a harbor? How do we experience – and thus demonstrate – that suffering, fear and paralysis, overwhelm, anxiety and dread in the face of change are not our only choice? How do we feel more ‘in control’ – even as global change is accelerating so incredibly fast?

In this 6-Week international Tele Course and Webinar you will meet fascinating people who – like you – are feeling the effects of change and who want to experience hope rather than fear, overwhelm, and despair. You will learn how to ride the waves of change with grace and enjoyment! And while you do, you will be among ‘peer pioneers’ who are prototyping with you more effective routes to embracing the quantum transformations we are now in the midst of.

“I’ve waited three years to thank you in person!  Your course removed many limitations that I put on myself.  It changed my life!”

– Jitka Holt, Vancouver, Canada

Be a Leader!
Replace dread, fear, and worry with Confidence, Ease, Empowerment, and Hope
Be The Wave

More Than a ‘Wow’ or a ‘Pop’

Understanding concepts in our ‘head’ is one thing; living them – embodying their merit, experiencing firsthand their value, and reaping their enormous rewards – is another.

Unlike courses that ‘wow’ you, Be The Wave will ‘follow’ you. It will continuously integrate its wisdom in you, making it easier and easier to master its principles, even after its last day.

Be The Wave is rich and full of profound and stimulating new ideas – and yet it is not academic. It is passionate in its plea to engage you in constructive new ways – and yet it is not preaching. It is for intelligent people who care. We are all this – beneath our cloaks of suffering, cynicism, and despair.

Be The Wave is designed to deeply embed its evolutionary principles into your consciousness, reminding you of what is latent within you, and me, and humanity, as our utmost potentiality. The result of participating in this course is that ‘truth’ begins to sprout in your direct life experiences. Empowerment and clarity soar as fear and confusion are shed.

Yes, you will need to foster the precious new garden you gain through this course. This garden is your ‘life’. And you will be wholeheartedly supported. Participating in this global community that is Be The Wave is so much deeper and richer than the ‘buzz and crash’ you may have experienced in countless seminars, workshops, and tele courses you’ve been in before.

“I want you to know the profound affect you have on my life. I learn so much about who I’m not and who I really am in your presence. And it’s that presence I need to tell you about. You live your life so clean and clear that the energy space that you radiate allows others to step into that cleanliness and clarity. Thank you. Deep peace to you.”
– Judith Walters, “H.O.P.E. Retreat” Participant, Saskatoon, Canada

How is it unique?

Be The Wave is like a seed you plant beneath the surface of the soil. Magically, mysteriously, flowers begin to blossom – and these flowers are you!

Based on the forthcoming book The Ego and The Soul – A Map for Humanity’s Ultimate Survival, this foundational course is “Part 1 – Revealing the Shift”. In it, you will personally identify the ‘polar shift’ that all our Egos are on the threshold of making: from their ‘commission one’ illusional perception of their separation from ‘Soul’ (that is, the root of duality, which is suffering, which is hell) to their current re-purposing as ‘commission two’ (that is, their re-integrated reality as co-pilot withSoul, which is unity, which is peace, which is heaven).

Be among the first to experience this profound personal and cultural teaching. Meet and mingle with your ‘peer pioneers’ – the dynamic individuals who, like you, are leading this global paradigm shift!

“Ariole is flat out brilliant. High energy, high integrity, high quality communication. She is a powerful, visionary leader. Ariole thinks well outside mainstream boxes and helps people tap into universal truths that grant access to richness, depth, and clarity that so many people seek.”
– Aaron Chubb, Saskatoon, Canada

Be The Wave

Reserve Your Place:

Who Are We?

Be The Wave Global Leadership Initiative assists grassroots individuals – from farmers to executives – in leading the shift that ends suffering. Heralding this new paradigm, we recognize that there are millions of people around the world who are ready to actualize their liberation. The rapid increase of both welcome and unwanted change in the immediate world around us is the catalyst for our current willingness toshift from tenacious attachment to what is familiar – to something new and more effective. Squeezed beyond comfort, millions of people are now prepared to relinquish their ‘belief’ that suffering and struggle are necessities. (‘S and s’ can only survive in duality. As the ‘poles’ of Ego and Soul are re-united, they lose their hold.) These ‘pioneers of passion’ – in countries and territories around the globe – are whom Be The Wave Global Leadership Initiative exists to support.

Be The Wave Global Leadership Initiative – Leadership Team and Be The Wave Course Faculty

Ariole K. Alei is the initiator of Be The Wave Global Leadership Initiative and its expanding leadership team. Based on ‘Fluid Group Dynamics’, each participant in this leadership team is respected for their evident and their dormant passions, innovations, and contributions. All are committed to actively integrating their Ego with their Soul.Ariole K. Alei has been respected as a global visionary for over 20 years. An author, international tele course teacher, retreat facilitator, leadership coach, blogger, and more, she has met personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other cultural leaders to discuss her visions of “A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership”. Initially an internationally touring professional dancer (Anna Wyman Dance Theatre, Judith Marcuse Dance Company, Ariole Alei Dance), her passion for people and the planet has led her to participate in the United Nations Earth Summit’s Global Forum (Brazil, 1992). She has exuberantly contributed her leadership acumen to founding two non-profit societies, two leadership-focused consulting firms, and numerous ‘life-lab initiatives’. Ariole generously shares both pragmatic and profound routes to deep insight, peace, and awakening via her multi-faceted offerings.

Be The Wave Global Leadership Initiative recognizes that many routes are required to the centre so that all people who wish to participate can do so. Hence, Be The Wave Global Leadership Initiative’s map includes webinars and tele courses, retreats, workshops and seminars, conferences and leadership summits, group facilitation and one-to-one mentoring, yoga, meditation, and versions for children and youth, nourishment plans for body mind and spirit, keynote speaking, book and audio excerpts, articles and workbooks, and translations of any and all of these ‘spokes’ into multiple languages and diverse communities.

Be The Wave invites you into a unique learning opportunity with Ariole K. Alei and your ‘peer pioneers’. Exploring and mapping this essential paradigm shift of Ego and the world it creates, we are transcending human consciousness’s current ceiling – airlifting it well above reason and logic to ‘look down, from up’ – our own ‘bird’s eye view’. From this newfound vantage, we are beginning to emanate our light from a higher octave of inclusion than we, as humans, may ever have known before.

“Ariole K. Alei offers a most comprehensive understanding of principles, setting a new tone of consciousness for a life more abundant. Excellent.”
– John Randolph Price, Best-selling Author including Nothing Is Too Good To Be True and Founder, The Quartus Foundation, Boerne, USA

Airlift Your Ego to a new Bird’s Eye View
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What You Will Learn

Be The Wave offers you an entirely unique vantage of life – yours and humanity’s.

In this live 6-Week Tele Course and Webinar you will:

• Understand why change is often experienced as overwhelming
• Upgrade your Ego so it responds constructively to change
• Move yourself actively towards the end of suffering and duality and the beginning of inclusion, hope, and unity
• Experience life from an expansive new reality
• Participate in the greatest evolutionary leap in history – naturally becoming a leader in this ‘polar shift’

You may have only dreamt this is possible …

Discover exquisite freedom as you, personally, are supported to:

• Face the reality of what is
• Lift yourself to a higher vantage from which you respond holistically
• Generate inspiring responses
• Map a route to peace and fulfillment – in your own and others’ lives

Be The Wave 6-Week Tele Course and Webinar is for:

• Everyone who is feeling the effects of change
• People who wish to be pro-active rather than re-active
• Anyone who wishes to joyously ride the waves of change rather than drown in them

“Someone much wiser than me once said, ‘Success doesn’t come to us, we go to it.’ Finding you, my life was forever transformed. You were there waiting for me, but I had to come to you and take the chance in order to reap the rewards. I thank my stars every day. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity for growth brought to me by working with you. Something I have learned from you crosses my mind every day, many times each day. I credit your influence with the peace I currently feel and the renewed sense of adventure I feel for the future. You truly are a gift from the gods”
– Ruth Mason, Mason Design Group, Vancouver, Canada

Experience Peace and Empowerment
Register Now!

Register Now!

As a participant in this evolutionary course, for every session you will receive:

  • 6 Weekly 90-minute Live Course Sessions with Ariole K. Alei – full of insights and tools that will transform your life, lifting you from the downward spiraling ‘hell’ of suffering and into a new lightness of upward spiraling ‘heaven’
  • 6 Dynamic Weekly ‘Home Play’ Explorations to actively deepen your ownership and integration of what you learn
  • Easy Access to Recordings of All 6 Live Sessions, so you can re-listen – as often as you like – to what resonates most deeply with you personally and what intrigues you most powerfully
  • $50 Discount to attend any “Leaders Causing Leaders” 2011 Conference Package (excluding Workshop-Only Packages)
  • And more! See ‘Bonus Materials’ below

Each of the 6 Weekly Sessions together create a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ – a clear and active map. They are guaranteed to present you with an entirely new worldview as you become a co-creative ally with – rather than an adversary of – your Ego and of ‘change’.

“Ariole’s clarity of vision dispels the fog that keeps us small and suffering.”
– Isabella Lazlo, Founder, Beloved Mother, Nurturing Ourselves and Our Earth, Devon, UK

Session 1 – Shifting Our Worldview to Successfully Responding To Change

This session focuses on the historical shifts in consciousness paradigms that have shaped our perception of ourselves and of our place in the cosmos – from ‘flat Earth / round Earth’, to the imminent shift we are about to make. In this session you will:

  • See where we are now through the ‘rear view mirror’ of history – recognizing the quantum leap our species is about to take
  • Understand how eschewing God for science has actually given us the clarity and the momentum we need to make this leap, as we have tested the waters and now appreciate what we have missed
  • Recognize that you – like every human – have an Ego and a Soul
  • Discover the distinctions between ‘commission one’ and ‘commission two’ Ego – and prepare yourself for the marvelous ‘retrofit’ Ego is about to be re-purposed with as ‘co-pilot’ to your Soul
  • Recognize why the increasing acceleration of change requires this ‘amp up’ of Ego to sit beside Soul
  • Gain increased faith that humanity will make this quantum leap, thus ensuring our species’ survival
  • Experience tremendous hope and relief in knowing that you, personally, can end your reign of struggle and of suffering as your predominant life experience

Session 2 – Remembering Ego’s Purpose and Its Creation

In this session, our focus is on understanding Ego, and supporting it to make this essential leap. You will:

  • Recognize the distinctions between your Ego and your Soul
  • Learn how to attune your attention inward and outward, becoming a master at where you place your focus
  • Remember how, when, and why Ego was created
  • Lay to rest your Ego’s greatest fear
  • Understand the map – the ‘route’ – via which your Ego is being reabsorbed into the loving nature of your Soul
  • Enjoy your Ego’s first tastes of conscious fearlessness

Session 3 – Realizing How to Be An Ally With Change

This session focuses on recognizing who is our ‘team captain’ as the human species, what is our compass, and what is our map. In it you will:

  • Recognize, with compassion, why Ego ‘commission one’ avoided change at all cost
  • Comprehend the monumental risks ahead if Ego continues to eclipse Soul
  • Realize what Einstein, Jesus, Buddha, and other great leaders / visionaries have been trying to assist us to grasp
  • Recognize the distinctions between comfort and familiarity – and offer your own Ego a simple guidemap to navigating itself with confidence and ease every time it encounters something ‘new’
  • Tangibly demonstrate how it is that Ego is shifting from ‘commission one’ to ‘commission two’ – the ‘polar shift’ whereby Ego becomes Soul’s cherished co-pilot

Session 4 – Exploring the Primary Steps of Reabsorbing Ego Into Soul

This session begins the exciting discoveries we are privileged to gain as we explore this ‘new frontier’ together. You will personally learn to:

  • Orient your Ego towards your Soul
  • Fully digest and release your ‘past’
  • Climb the ‘ladder of consciousness’ out of duality / hell into unity / heaven
  • Explore in context the ‘end of duality’ – which is the dawn of unity, community, peace
  • Understand the very real possibility of the ‘end of suffering’
  • Create your personal inner safety, enabling your Ego to relax inside your Soul

Session 5 – Dissolving the Sand Traps that Threaten Our Extinction

This session ensures our success – our increased resilience, openness to, and excitement in co-creating change. You will personally:

  • Explore and de-mystify the illusory power of ‘free’ will, thinking, categorizing, justifying, and following the flock
  • Begin to ‘let in new light’
  • Actively develop a trusting rapport with your intuition, inner guidance, ‘gut sense’
  • Experience a ‘breath of fresh air’ as ‘commission two’ begins to bud as your own new reality, easing and diminishing your former experiences of pain, lack, confusion, and distress and giving way to a new reality of buoyant, empowered inspiration

Session 6 – Experiencing Your Reunion with Your Highest Potential
In this final session, our focus is on fully handing you the key – your personal ownership – of this vibrant new vision and map. You will:

  • Recognize how much more confident your Ego has become in relation to change in the past six weeks
  • Completely shift your former Ego ‘bashing’ to Ego ‘loving’, disciplining it caringly as it fully discovers its new role
  • Gain tremendous new vantage from which you can comprehend reality and potentiality – yours and humanity’s
  • Conceive a vision of where we’re going – and a practical, active map of how we get there
  • Recognize how much less ‘suffering’ you are now experiencing – and how much more competent your Ego is in recognizing, discerning, and allowing benevolent change – and co-creating with it
  • Realize that you are already (you have become, through the course of this six weeks) a pioneer in guiding humanity to safe shores

“Ariole K. Alei delivers. She provides tools, scripts and exercises to get awesome results.”
– Michael Losier, Best-selling Author, Law of Attraction, Victoria, Canada

Bonus Materials

  • 2 Follow-Up 90-minute Live Q&A Sessions with Ariole K. Alei, in which you’ll be able to ask live the questions that are intriguing you as you begin to truly explore and experiment with the ‘prototype’ of ‘the new you’ that this Tele Course is about. These Q&A Live Follow-Ups will ensure you’re making active strides in gaining 100% what is available to you through your participation
    • Easy Access to Recordings of Follow-Up Q&A Sessions, so you can re-listen – as often as you like – to what intrigues you most deeply
    • $50 Gift Certificate towards a 1-1 Mentoring Session with Ariole K. Alei – a unique opportunity to gain 1-1 mentoring support in the privacy of a personalized conversation
    • Plus a BONUS e-Book H.O.P.E. = Healing Ourselves and Planet Earth – A Blueprint for Personal and Collective Change

Session 7 & 8 – Q&A with Ariole K. Alei and your Peer Pioneers

In these two additional 90-minute Q&A sessions, you’ll experience dynamic radiance as you and your ‘peer pioneers’ come truly alive in your new passion and purpose. Together we will:

  • Deepen our understanding – via our own direct experiences – of shifting out of Ego ‘commission one’ (hell) and into Ego ‘commission two’ (unity / heaven on Earth)
  • Ask compelling questions that arise from this, our new ‘base camp’
  • Grasp the true potential that expands before us
  • Acknowledge our newfound confidence – and commit this ‘forward’ as we lead ourselves, and thus those around us, out of suffering and into peace and prosperity
  • Celebrate what we have experienced and learned in our ‘past’ – bidding it fond farewell as we fully embark as co-creative agents towards a new human reality

Dip your toes in – or wet yourself completely! This course offers you an opportunity to shift the foundation upon which you base your life – no longer one of struggle and suffering, instead now one of co-creating brilliant new possibilities and hope.

End your non-compulsory existence of confusion, turmoil, and suffering today.

Register Now for Be The Wave
6-Week Tele Course and Webinar


Special course features

• This Tele Course and Webinar is based on the forthcoming book The Ego and The Soul – A Map for Humanity’s Ultimate Survival
• Be among the first to participate in mapping the prototype of the new, resilient human, upgraded with ‘commission two’ Ego
• Become a model to others while gaining immense benefits for yourself
• Reabsorb your Ego into the holistic vantage and peace of your Soul
• Leave suffering and floundering behind

“The time I have invested with Ariole has given me huge returns in the area of personal growth and relationship development. She is tender, insightful, humorous and a gifted teacher. I am a better leader, mother and life partner as a result of my time with her.”
– Lesley Conway, President, Hopewell Residential Communities Inc., Calgary, Canada

When and where

  • FREE Intro Tele Course and Webinar, Monday August 15 @ 6 pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern (check your time zone here)
  • 6 90-Minute Course Sessions, Wednesdays August 17 – September 21 @ 6 pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern (check your time zone here)
  • 2 90-Minute Follow-Up Q&A Sessions, dates tba as course begins
  • Dial in information, Bonuses, and Discount links will be emailed to you upon registration for the 6-Week Course

$99 Early Bird – with Special Bonus for Free Intro participants
Regular $149

Reserve Your Place:

Praise for Ariole K. Alei and Encouragement to You of What You Will Learn

“I still remember the uncontainable joy I felt immediately after my first session.”
– Eileen Novy, Saskatchewan, Canada

“What a success! Your tele course was so enjoyable. Fast-paced and packed with information. Abstract concepts were brought into real life. Your explanations were absolutely clear. I loved your continuous flow of ideas and words that enriched our understanding. Now I know how to apply them in my daily life.”
– Jan Rosgen, Founder, Art for Soul, Sointula, Canada

“I am so impressed with your ability. Blown away really.”
– Adele Engel, Founder, Evolution Wellness, Panorama, Canada

“With Ariole’s empowering and compassionate guidance, I have finally found the glorious rainbow that is the bridge between me and my true self. Along this journey, I am continuing to find myself more balanced, more effective and more present with the people and activities I love. I finally know what is feels like to love what you do and to love what you live.”
– Susan Far, Family Physician, Kingston, Canada

“From the first time I met you I knew your were special. You radiate such positive energy. You are such an honest, caring, loving woman.”
– Nicky Douglas, Nicolette Douglas Consulting, Vancouver, Canada

Be The Wave

“The personal mentoring I have had with Ariole has been invaluable to me. She has guided me through simple exercises that have had a profound and life changing effect on how I view and interact with myself and with the world around me. Ariole has a gift of being able to support and encourage new levels of consciousness with her gift of intuition, impeccable integrity, and vision. My life is richer and more elegant as a result of working with Ariole.”
– Patricia Gray, Patricia Gray Interior Design, Vancouver, Canada

“Thank you for continuing to answer the call and guiding us through the thinning of this veil. These are vital times.”
– Satya Grove, “H.O.P.E. Retreat” Participant, Teacher, Emissary, Canada, USA, India

“I was scanning through your blog and found myself reading so much that resonated and touched my heart. I feel ALL of the information and help you are providing people is so pure and true. Had I been born thirty years later, this pot of gold would have saved me from much suffering. Bless you for everything you are doing to help those who are seeking the light and to remove suffering.”
– Simon Rose, London, UK

“Be The Wave”

Learn how you can ride the waves of change with elegance and ease. End your needless paranoia, confusion, fear, dread, and worry. End your struggle and suffering NOW!

Register Now for the Free Intro on Monday, August 15

Reserve Your Place in the 6-Week Series Now!

Begins August 17 – September 21 + 2 Follow-Up Q&A Sessions

$99 Early Bird – with Special Bonus for Free Intro participants
Regular $149

  • We look forward to you participating in this dynamic, international Tele Course and Webinar!

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Hot Tips!

  1. Listen to an Interview with Kenneth Schwenker, Founder of Leaders Causing Leaders and Ariole K. Alei, Founder of Be The Wave Global Leadership Initiative
  2. Register for the 6-Week Be The Wave Webinar / Tele Course and receive a Special Bonus – $50 Discount on any Leaders Causing Leaders Conference 2011 Registration (excluding Workshop-Only packages)


August 30, 2011
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