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Leaders Causing Leaders, October 8th & 9th, 2011 – Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Marriott Hotel

October 8, 2011 - October 9, 2011


Leaders causing Leaders Program Oct 8th and 9th  –  2011

Marriott Hotel –  4100 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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9:00 am Opening Remarks with Joseph Jacques

9:05 am Here ii Here – A Capella performance

9:10 am Welcome address to Leaders causing Leaders by Founder, Kenneth Schwenker



9.20 David RosePresentation Info

Presentation Topic: Together we are… Sustainable, Regenerative… Thriving


Will you allow yourself to actually see your community as fully sustainable, regenerative and thriving? What will it take for you to commit to doing the massive work required in cooperation with others?

Awaken to the urgency for each of us to bring forth our own leadership individually and with others so that we can apply the financial tools available to us in support of making our communities sustainable now.

9.30 Sharif AbdullahPresentation Info

Presentation Topic: Visionary Solutions for our 12 global challenges.

In these turbulent times, leaders must be ready and able to “think and act outside the box”, to become part of a global transformation of human society.  In order to be effective change agents, we must be aware of the 12 challenges facing every human being on this planet.

In his presentation, Sharif will help us to understand our global reality and our mission to create an inclusive human society, thriving on a healthy and dynamic planet.


10.00 Bruce Raymond Wright – Presentation Info

Presentation Topic: Majestic Leadership

Majestic leadership begins with you and the way in which you balance your life, business and spiritual way of being. First be the leader of your own life, then lead others to see and do the great and meaningful things they would not do on their own.

Bruce has spent many years helping people to understand the concept of Living Majestically and then mentoring them to align with, embrace and achieve such a state of being.


10.25 Wowza – Presentation Info

Embody the Brilliance: The Physiology of Leadership

Body language is universal and reveals more than words can say. Raised in a mechanized world run by mind power, nonadaptive physical patterns and monotone speech habits have become the norm.

In this time of radical change, unleashing a congruent, adaptable physiology and resonant vocal power that radiates passionate enthusiasm, empathetic rapport and heart-felt feeling is now becoming a necessity.In this innovative ‘embodiment’ process, Wowza demonstrates three strategies that lead the body, voice, and expression on the same path as the mind – the key that ignites authentic emotional impact with others.

10.30 Matthew and Terces Engelhart – Presentation Info

Spend time with the founders of the Hottest restaurant in Los Angeles, Cafe Gratitude.  Find out what makes their business tick.  Their seven restaurant chain Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre reflect their vision of business as an opportunity to awaken.

Matthew and Terces lead monthly workshops in Sacred Commerce, Being Abundant, and Relationship, and are the creators of “The Abounding River” logbook and board game, and authors of the books Sacred Commerce and I Am Grateful: Recipes and Lifestyle of Cafe Gratitude .


11.00 Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers.

A Return to Love is considered a must-read of The New Spirituality.



11.30 Kyle Hermans – Presentation Info

Kyle will group facilitate ” Creating 1,000,000.00 Gandhis”

Kyle is a passionate trainer of  Innovation thought Leadership and creativity training organizations and senior executive teams to innovation self empowerment.  He has worked with Oxford University and Google among the top fortune 500 companies.

Kyle works with clients to create a lasting organizational climate for innovation to assist them reaching into the deep structure of consumer wants, needs and beliefs to activate new ideas, make breakthrough discoveries and put relevant products into the market that provides sustainable financial return.

Kyle’s expertise lies in consumer and market  insight, foresight, brand positioning, and new product invention.



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12.30 – 2Pm  LUNCH BREAK

AND Topanga Film Institute Presents our MINI FILM FESTIVAL FEATURING 3 feature films:



2. Trailer Screening of THRIVE

This is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

Read More

AND YOGA with Dashama

Invest 50 minutes of your day — give to love to yourself.In this all levels vinyasa yoga class, you will stretch,breath, balance and bliss out, leaving you open andreceptive for the LCL Conference. This class includes hip openers, self massage techniques and heart openers as well as traditional yoga sequences to leave you feeling refreshed, energized, rejuvenated and ready to face the day.





2 – 5.30Pm

4  Feature Panels:

  • Film,

  • Social Issues,

  • Business,

  • Education


** Click HERE to see Separate Afternoon Workshop Schedule



2.00 PMFilm Panel  – Pioneers of filmmaking: exposing truth without fear.

Mikki Willis

Josh Tickell

Frederick Marx

Rebecca Harrell Tickell






Read more about each of our Film PANELISTS on their BIO pages.

Mikki Willis (Panel Moderator)– Founder of Elevate Film Studios and Festival

Josh Tickell – Film maker and Author

Frederick Marx – Oscar and Emmy nominated producer/director

Josh Radnor – wrote, directed, and starred in the Sundance Audience Award-winning film “happythankyoumoreplease”

Rebecca Harrell Tickell – Producer of the Academy Award Shortlisted and Sundance Audience Award Winning, environmentally-themed movie, FUEL.



Clyde Terry

Andrew Beath

Audrey Addison

Francis DellaVecchia

Sharif Abdullah

Juriaan Kamp

Read more about each of our SOCIAL ISSUES PANELISTS on their BIO pages.

Sharif Abdullah (Panel Moderator)Founder of Commonway Institute

Clyde TerryLos Angeles Sherrif

Andrew Beath Founder of Earthways Foundation

Audrey AddisonFounder of African American Training Networks

Francis DellaVecchiaFounder Joyful Activist Movement

Juriaan KampFounder Ode Magazine



3.45 BUSINESS PANEL Featuring:

Terces Engelhart

Bruce R Wright

Berny Dohrman

Art Norins

Maria Simone

Mark Thornton

Canice Wu










Read more about each of our BUSINESS PANELISTS on their BIO pages.

Terces Engelhart – Co-owner of Cafe Gratitude

Bruce Wright (Panel Moderator) – Founder of Balanced Success International, Macro Strategic Planning, Wright Company and Co-founder Equanicity Resources

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman  CEO Space

Art Norins – Founder, Chariman of Nor1

Maria Simone – Transformational business and funding expert

Mark ThorntonAuthor of In a New York Minute

Canice Wu – President of Plug n Play


3.45 EDUCATION PANEL Featuring:

Mark Kastleman

Tami Walsh

Anna Krajec

Ariel Wrye






Clyde Terry







Read more about each of our EDUCATION PANELISTS on their BIO pages.

Mark Kastleman (Panel Moderator) – Co-Founder of Candeo

Tami Walsh – President Teen Wisdom Inc

Anna Krajec – Imagine wisdom education

Ariel WryeEcho Parenting and Education certified trainer of Nonviolent Parenting

Clyde Terry 20-year veteran of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and former US Marine


Final Session for OCT 8th, Day Program – All Attendees

5.30 SNAP with CEO Space – Presented by Berny Dohrmann

Berny Dohrman



6.30Pm Vision Competition Winner will be announced

5 Finalists will be selected from 60 submissions to present their Visions to our select panel of judges at 5.30, The Winner will be announced to the Leaders causing Leaders Assembly at 6.30Pm

Read about the 60 visions/projects that were submitted throughout the year



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EVENING ENTERTAINMENT begins 7.30 – Midnight. Presented by Kali Klub


Visit Kali Klub page



with final Speaker presentation by Niurka


Presentation Info: The most successful people in the world have 2 things in common. They are masters of communication and masters of their state of mind.

In this presentation, Niurka shows how to approach every sales scenario with unstoppable confidance. She will show you how to Master your communication and Master your state of mind.




and our second film of the Film Festival: The Highest Pass

This documentary us takes on a motorcycle journey through the Himalayas of India. over the highest motorable road in the world, and follows a dare devil yogi leading seven Americans to make decisions about life and death while traversing steep, icy cliffs and the chaos of India’s “road killer” traffic. Carrying a prophecy of death in his late twenties, their Yogi leader Anand inspires us to question what it means to truly live and pushes them to the limits of his teachings: “Only the one who dies, truly lives”.

Read more


Purchase CD’s and Albums online from our Performer’s websites:


Larisa Stow and Shakti Tribe

Matty and Avasa

The Angel Frequency


















Close of Day 1





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Morning Session  – Featured Speakers

8 – 9.00 Am – Yoga time with Shyama

YOGA WITH SHYAMA: Silence, Practice, Gaps, Sovereignty
*all levels welcome
**bring a yoga mat if you have one; not necessary if you don’t have one.


8 – 9.00 Am – Music performance by Melissa Morgan

Melissa Morgan is internationally recognized as a premier harpist.

Unsurpassed as a composer, Morgan’s talent and skills make her unique in the harp world, and an incredible addition to any public or private event. Her ground breaking work in the therapeutic harp field has brought healing and solace to many in need, whether in the hospital or home.


9.00 Mark KastlemanPresentation Info

Presentation Topic: Inner Leadership—Change Yourself and Others Will Follow

Within the magnificent, complex structure of the brain is everything we need to overcome our most unwanted, difficult-to-change behaviors. Yet, many of our attempts to break free fail, or we succeed for a time, and then fall back. Why? Because the strategies we use work directly against the brain’s built-in-gifts for change.

Mark is the Co-Founder of Candéo, a world leader in behavior-change training and technology. Candéo has combined the power of advanced brain science, cutting-edge computer technology, and online support to create The Candéo Way. Candeo helps individuals and families in over 75 countries, providing 24/7 access to online tools and resources that assist them in overcoming addictions, while creating permanent, positive change in their physical/mental health and relationships.


9.30 Clyde TerryPresentation Info

Presentation Topic: Transformation without judgment:

Transforming the lives of man and women returning home from prison and gang members who are looking to break the cycle of despair, hopelessness, resignation and scarcity.

Clyde’s  presentation will be about honoring our commitments to making a difference despite the lack of agreements that exist in the world. After listening to his powerful presentation, you will leave with greater understanding of  your power to create and be at the source of and not at the effects of the current conversation about whats possible.

Clyde brought two completely different and opposing worlds together despite the belief of everyone from both law enforcement and the gang/crime world that it wasn’t possible for him as a law enforcement officer to bring them together to make a difference. We are hoping that “Freeway Ricky Ross” (related to the Iran-Contra scandal) will be present to speak also.


9.45 Bill Stierle – Presentation Info

Presentation Topic: The Four Qualities of Leadership

The Four Qualities of Leadership presentation and group activity will engage and enables participants to identify their personal thinking preferences, identify the preferences of others, and develop strategies for effective leadership communication.   Join us for this interactive fun “Whole Brain Walk Around” exercise where participants will gain:
• Instant understanding of their leadership brain style and how it applies to work increasing effectiveness with business situations.
• Clarity on how to leverage your natural thinking preferences including work interests, communication and competencies.
• A new perspective on business processes and issues, such as productivity, team analysis, managing creative talent and strategic thinking.
• Insight into common assumptions about human behavior both professionally and personally.

Delivering over 500 trainings and keynotes, he is sought after as a speaker and consultant by leaders in Fortune 100 companies, universities and government agencies for his dynamic and life shifting information.



10.00 Raven K Starre and Shore Slocum – Presentation Info

Presentation Topic – How To BE A Self Expressed, Authentic, Fearless Leader

A sought-after speaker and trainer, Raven created the leading-edge Network Marketing training program “Recruiting Magic.” This has become one of the most acclaimed audio programs in MLM. She has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to build successful organizations. Raven is currently one of the highest earning single women in the history of the MLM profession, with over 70,000 distributors in her network.

Shore Slocum: Considered by many, the Trainer of Leaders, he has conducted Speakers Boot camps and leadership retreats (Finding Your Voice – Expressing Your Vision and The Spirit of Leadership) to assist business/team leaders, and those with an important message to share in finding their unique style. Then helping them to understand the dynamics, psychology, leadership tools, and most importantly Universal Laws that will really move people to their next level.



10.20 – Eric Handler – Presentation Info

Presentation Topic – The sign on the wall when you stop the search for meaning, meaning will find you.

Eric is the Founder of Positively Positive





10.30 Concurrent Session with Guru Singh – 1 HourPresentation Info

Presentation Topic: Seven Years to Liberation 2011 – 2018

As we approach 2012 and beyond, human beings with a liberated consciousness are essential to our planetary wellbeing. We are those wellness agents — those leaders; we are being called upon now to perform and produce the pathway forward. We are here to lead the way through the current maze of social, global health, geopolitical, ecological and economic hurdles. Guru Singh will address how to sharpen the skills and tools to lead our personal world in order to improve the world.



10.40 Dr David Gruder – Presentation Info

Presentation Topic: The Hijacking of Integrity: 3 Keys to Leaders Restoring Integrity.

Dr. Gruder’s visionary-yet-practical keynote exposes the hidden root cause of today’s massive breakdown in integrity-centered leadership, and illuminates the three key skills that leaders must upgrade in themselves and their enterprise in order to help restore integrity-centered happiness & success in their spheres of influence.



11.00 Debra Giusti and Sean AhearnPresentation Info

Presentation Topic: Visionary community building and empowerment.

Debra Giusti and Sean Ahearn will share from their combined 60 years experience, (which include being the founders of the 34th Annual Harmony Festival www.harmonyfestival.com ), the importance in this rapidly shifting times, of community building through large and small festivals/conferences/concerts/events, etc. while also utilizing the power of online community communication and connection. The focus will be to show how the progressive music/eco/natural lifestyle festival business model has evolved from competition and monopoly, to a model of cooperation and collaboration.

Although every festival has their unique domain that they specialize in, this shift is in support of the greater missions that that many of these events are aligned with, including promoting sustainable lifestyles, consciousness raising and creating peace.   Sean and Debra will share how it is also important to harness the passion of creating these large events with grounded implementation, so that all experience and results can be successful, rewarding and sustainable.

11.15 Josh TickellPresentation Info

Josh Tickell is a leading expert on alternative fuels and a filmmaker whose film FUEL won the 2008 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for Best Documentary. A busy public speaker, Josh is the author of two books,From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank and Biodiesel America, has appeared on the Jay Leno show, and his non-profit organization Biodiesel America was selected by Former President Bill Clinton to take part in the Global Initiative on Climate Change.

11.30 Lynne McTaggart Presentation Info

Lynne McTaggart is an investigative journalist and author, and a sought-after public speaker whose talks and workshops have transformed the lives of the thousands around the world who have heard her.

Her most recent book is, “The Bond,” and also author of “The Field” and “The Intention Experiment.”  She is also an accomplished broadcaster, who has appeared on many national tv and radio shows, including Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra shows.

The hallmark of her work is exhaustive research that produces science-based discoveries in the worlds of science, spirituality and health. She edits the monthly health journal “What Doctors Don’t Tell You.” And was also the editor of the 48-lesson partwork, “Living The Field”, perhaps the most definitive work yet to bridge the worlds of physics and spirituality in its 768 pages.

Her work has rightly been described as “a bridge between science and spirituality”.


12.00 Susan Davis conducts a Group facilitation on Servant Leadership- Presentation Info

Susan Davis, president of CapitalMissions.com will conduct a powerful session titled ‘Causing a world the works for all’.





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and our 3rd and final film of the Film festival: Dance of Liberation:

This is an inspiring documentary film following the journey of SoulHealing practitioner and Dance of Liberation founder, Parashakti. The film captures her quest to find the collective authentic voice and movement through the power of Dance, Vision Quest, Ceremony, and Spiritual Nutrition. Fusing elements of Yoga, ritual dance, Indigenous wisdom teachings, and modern science. Parashakti travels the world seeking the wisdom of the elders and providing the pathway for personal and global transformation.


1 – 2PM Workshop by Juan Ruiz Nupari – Presentation Info

Workshop: Re-educating Leaders?

Humanity needs fraternal strategies and ideas that stem from the depths of the hearts of the most experienced men and women. Leaders must  learn to work selflessly, without expecting anything in return, not even the kindness of those who are listening to them. The concept of service for humanity offered by the experienced ones must undergo a profound transformation. This will be a real proof of Love for others.



5  Feature Panels:







Click Here to See Separate afternoon Workshop Schedule




David Hersey

Nova Spivak

Bernado Herzey

Mastin Kipp





Read more about each of our TECHNOLOGY PANELISTS on their BIO pages.

David Hersey (Panel Moderator)CTO of Discover yourself
Nova Spivak Founder Earthweb, Co-founder Nvention, Chairman Earth Dashboard,
Bernado Herzey – CEO and founder of LEHR
Mastin Kipp – Founder of The Daily Love





D Miller

Douglas Campbell

Jodie Wille

Angja Aditi







Read more about our LA Community Panelists on their BIO pages.

D Miller (Panel Moderator) – Director of Project Butterfly

Douglas Campbell – Curator and Co-founder of Mindshare LA

Jodie Wille – Co-publisher and Editor of Process Media

Angja Aditi  – Co-Creator/Director of Oshunmare – Temple of the Great Work.




Audrey Addison

Terces Engelhart

Raven K Starre

Tami Walsh

Mallika Chopra

Dream Rockwell

Dr Sarah Larsen










Read more about our WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP PANELISTS on their BIO pages.

Audrey Addison – Founder and Board Chairperson of African American Training Networks in Uganda.

Terces Engelhart – Co-founder of Cafe Gratitude

Raven Starre – Producer of the first ever MLM Reality Show

Tami Walsh – President of Teen Wisdom, Inc

Mallika Chopra – Founder and CEO of Intent.com

Dr Sarah Larsen – Medical Doctor, Medical Intuitive, 3rd Generation Palm Reader and Health Coach.

Dream Rockwell – Experience founder and visionary



3.45 LEADERSHP PANEL Featuring:

Kenneth Schwenker

Bill Stierle

Dr David Gruder

Mark Thornton

Sharif Abdullah

Melanie St James

Amor Luz









Read more about each of our LEADERSHIP PANELISTS on their BIO pages.

Kenneth Schwenker(Panel Moderator) – Founder of LCL and Co-Founder of Bhaktifest

Bill Stierle – President of Corporate Culture Development

Dr David GruderFounder and CEO of Integrity Revolution

Mark ThorntonAuthor of Meditation in a New York Minute

Sharif AbdullahFounder of Commonway Institute

Melanie St JamesEmpowerment WORKS’ Executive Director / Global Programs Officer




James Blakemore

David Rose

Matthew Engelhart

Greg Wendt

Susan Davis






Ron Call


Hollis Doherty






Read more about each of our CONSCIOUS FINANCE PANELISTS on their BIO pages.

James BlakemoreFounder of Equanicity Resources

David Rose – Founder and CEO of Unified Field Corporation

Matthew Engelhart – Co-Founder of Cafe Gratitude

Greg Wendt (Panel Moderator) –  Vice President of Sustainable and Responsible Investing for EP Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Susan Davis – President of CapitalMissions.com

Ron Call

Hollis Doherty – Write, Actress and Currency Activist.


Final Session for OCT 8th, Day Program – All Attendees

5.15 “My Stand” by 4YG – Introduced by Erin Ross



5.30 Closing Remarks – Group Sharing and Drum circle and Agape Choir










Join us and  Become the leader the world needs you to be. Tickets on Sale NOW

Whether you are about conscious corporate development, sustainable enterprise, or determined to become an enlightened entrepreneur, Leaders Causing Leaders will bring you closer to your objectives.

Pressing through your fears and boundaries is the sometimes lonely and always crucial journey of fulfilling your commitment to helping human kind.

But you are not alone.

Leaders Causing Leaders is a once-a-year, two-day event, dedicated to connecting you to tools and people to further your development and status as a leader.

This event will teach you to expand your role as a leader. Our expert speakers and workshop leaders will teach you to do this by focusing on practical skills for leadership.

At Leaders Causing Leaders you will learn:

  • How to develop transparency (the combination of honesty and courage)
  • How to build community (the art of attracting collaborators)
  • The importance of being known for integrity (the power of your word)
  • How to demonstrate humility (The ability to see the strengths and value in others)
  • Practical ways to grow your kindness (the compassion and empathy that sets you apart from the cowardly and fearful)
  • To become a resilient visionary (the essential quality of being able to think big, shift quickly and adapt as needed)
  • Discover duty as empowerment (taking responsibility for who you are and what you have been given; because the more you have the more you are responsible for)

To become someone people will follow, follow the path of virtue.

Claim your Early Bird special before Aug 31st and save up to $100


Location – Marina Del Rey Marriott  Hotel, Oct 8th and 9th, 2011

Marina Del Rey location:









October 8, 2011
October 9, 2011
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