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Leaders causing Leaders Workshop and Break out Program

October 8, 2011 - October 9, 2011


Leaders causing Leaders Program Oct 8th and 9th  –  2011



**  Break out Speakers and Workshops every 45 mins


9.30 – 12.30 Children’s program by ‘Free 2 B Me”

Bring your children to visit or drop them off with us.




2PM5 Workshops running concurrently

Matthew and Terces

Patty Shull

Joseph Jacques

Alpha Lo

Alpha Lo









Erin Ross

Robert Silverstone








1. Mattthew and Terces Engelhart: Workshop presentation on The Three Superpowers of Community Building

Our view, which we present in this workshop/talk, is Community. Consider that we all want to care for each other and we are just afraid.

We say unconditional love is the context for a fulfilling community. We take a look at what stops us in choosing and creating community, and what is in our way of moving beyond this.  This workshop/talk is very interactive and promises to be healing and motivational.


2. Patty Shull: Sacred Leadership Workshop for Women – Seven Stages Leading to Feminine Mastery

Patty’s topic is the inner game of leadership, the game that all historical and modern day Master level leaders describe. She reveals the 7 specific stages required to transcend one’s ego and lead from the place where Master’s level skill is brought forth. Many people begin to experience breakdowns when they reach expert level leadership competence and ask, “Where do I go from here?” To move beyond expert to virtuoso and onto Mastery is a journey that is rarely taught.

3. Robert SilverstoneMaking money or making a difference?

Would you like to live a life of abundance and financial freedom while making a difference in the world?  For many of us these two ideas maybe mutually exclusive.  In fact, today, making a significant difference in the world requires money!  Whether you’re managing your finances, building your personal wealth, growing a business, running a non-profit or simply trying to make ends meet, a strong and healthy conscious relationship with money is essential.


4. Joseph Jacques and CAST with Ottiliana and Alpha Lo: Workshop presentation on CAST.

While at this conference the executive cast of Leaders Causing Leaders sets the stage for you to birth your story-line, foreshadowing, conflict, casting, dominate assumptions, emerging narrative, and multiple plots that will allow your vision to further take shape within the context of this 3 day conference!

The Enlightened Actor is joining forces with C.A.S.T using social theatre as a means for conscious transformation. During the Leaders Causing Leaders conference and in collaboration with Joseph Jacques’ C.A.S.T and Alpha Lo’s Open Collaboration Ottiliana will lead a workshop-segment using the art of acting and theatre techniques in a wild creative teamwork experience.


5. Erin Ross: Get That You Matter: Be The Hero You’ve Been Waiting For

Humanity is up against great challenges, but we all possess the tools we need to create the positive future we want. Even though we struggle with self-doubt from time to time, we have a basic need to contribute – regardless of how we contribute.

Join Erin Ross as she inspires, educates and ignites you to create a life from the place of Getting That You Matter and shares some tools for transformation.


2.45 2 Workshops running concurrently

Don Estes

Mastin Kipp

Judith Long

Chris Jackson

Alex Willems

Nadine Heimann






Brandi Veil








Integrity originates with intention, which is expressed with words, acted on and manifested in the real world.  At the most primal, homogenous level of reality, where everything is just numbers and relationship, integrity stems from the balance between the actual and potential parts of intention.


2. Mastin Kipp: Workshop Presentation



A true Leader is awesomely aware of the energy they are putting forth.  They have the self check mode as a top priority,seeing each day as an opportunity to be better, to love better.

In this presentation you will learn 7 key things to do that will enhance your experience as a leader.  Be prepared to be surprised.  Leading is an “inside job.”


Chris Jackson and Co-creators Brandi Veil, Alex Willems, Jaclyn Strong, Ryland Engelhart and Nadine Heimann
Primordial Power and how to tap into it.

Offering tools that empower us all to move beyond the limitations of our individual and collective pasts into the new limitless potential of our futures.


3.305 Workshops running concurrently

Melanie St James

Gail McManus

Michael Thomas

Ash Ruiz








Marta Maria Marraccini






1. Melanie St James with Empowerment Works:
Empowerment Work’s Interactive, collaborative solutions role play workshop

Achieving Meaningful Collaboration is a harder than it sounds. Communication, mutual-appreciation & understanding across diverse social & economic backgrounds/disciplines is the foundation for success.

Designed to empower individuals, businesses, and organizations in developing whole-system solutions from the ground-up, this interactive role-PLAY cultivates the inherent potential of all people to co-create.

Whether you are involved in the business community, a project of your own, or exploring new ways to make a difference, this Workshop is for you.


2. Gail Mc Manus with NVC: Enhancing Conversation, Moving Forward with Creative, Collaborative Action

This workshop will be an exploration of the principles and methods of “Nonviolent Communication”, also known as “Compassionate Communication”. We will provide a framework and set of skills to address challenges and differences, from the most intimate human relationships to business, institutional and global political conflicts. NVC can help prevent conflicts as well as peacefully resolve them. The NVC process enables us to clarify our motives and intentions and to hear what others say (no matter what they say). We then engage in an empowering conversation which results in creative and satisfying solutions for all involved.


3. Michael Thomas: How to Find Financial Peace of Mind in the Age of Turbulence

Even the great spiritual teacher, Ram Das, admitted that he blew it when it came to his finances. He had been taught to only keep enough to be comfortable. So he only saved enough for his immediate needs not planning for the future.

This unique workshop is designed to help you take a deep look at your financial situation too, to look at what drives your decisions, what your true goals are and how to align your financial planning with your principles and attitudes toward money.


4. Ash Ruiz: Workshop Presentation: One Human Voice

Ash uses the sacred tools of ritual, breath, music, toning, chant, dance, laughter and silence, to masterfully guide each participant deep inside a loving field of lucid vibrancy in which blossoms the deep recognition of unwavering clarity, seamless connection and laughter-filled light.
“One Human Voice” guides participants to the threshold of a life lived in simple joy and complete authentic, creative expression of self for the benefit of all.


5. Marta Maria MarracciniDare to let your light shine – 5 Empowering Principles to help you step out into the world

Have you ever wanted to show up in the world as a full participant and found yourself stuck in unhealthy thought patterns?  Marta Maria Marraccini M.A. will share 5 Empowering Principles to help you shed those limiting beliefs that keep you “out of your game”.


4.45PM – 5 Workshops running concurrently

Larissa Stow

Peter Joseph

David Rose

Dr Sarah Larsen


1. Larisa Stow

2. Peter Joseph“When Normality becomes Distortion: Reflections on a World gone Mad.”

This program will consider the quality of our beliefs, actions and intents within the overarching context of what supports good public health, prosperity and sustainability and what does not. The subjects of Politics, Economics and Religious Philosophy will be broadly considered, with one basic question asked: Are the dominant views of reality today and the values that arise from them sustainable for the species’ survival?


3. David Rose (Workshop No.1): Introduction to Sustainable Community Partnership Banking

What is the difference between Sustainable Community Partnership Banking and banking as usual? In this introduction we’ll look at the work and the leadership involved in creating regenerative local infrastructure in all 9 Areas of Sustainability – the impact that can have on creating not just another bubble, but a thriving financial ecology that can endure. We’ll look at how banking can be a tool applied much more successfully for the benefit of all community members, and the kind of leadership that is being called forth in each and every one of us now.


4. Sarah LarsenLeadership Activation. Best Kept Secrets of Leadership

Here is your opportunity to get clear about your vision and live the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about Who you are.



**  Break out Speakers and Workshop presenters every 45 mins


2 PM – 5 Workshops running concurrently

Matthew Engelhart

Victoria geVoian

Raul Rosiles

Shore Slocum

Sharif Abdullah











1. Matthew Engelhart: Fathers Causing Sons/ Sons causing Fathers

What is possible when one takes expectation out of the father/son paradigm ? What happens when a father  initiates his son into,
“You can’t make me not love you. I accept however your life journey shows up. I already am proud of you for taking a human birth. You don’t have to prove anything to me.”

In other words, love without conditions. What shows up when a son can authentically thank his father for giving him his life regardless of perceived trespasses. This conversation is an inquiry into the male predicament of moving from one’s head to one’s heart and creating  a new father/son model as a celebration of their joint awakening.


2. Victoria GevoianNew Dimensional Thinking: A Brain’s Guide to the Future of Success and Leadership

What makes up the mind of a successful leader who lives in The Now?

How do we maintain under our own uncertainty?  With new parts of the human brain lighting up, leaders must reevaluate their own place within the shift of human consciousness and their own awakening…the link between the manifest and the unmanifest.


3. Raul Rosiles: Love and Enlightenment: 9 aspects of creating a new world

The This is it. The time history will look back and see how we not only survived but thrived. How do you do it? During this experience Raul will share nine aspects of transformation of our Self, and nine for the planet and exactly how to practically apply these inspirations now.


4. Shore Slocum:


5. Sharif Abdullah: 


2.45 – 4 Workshops running concurrently

Walter Moora

Bill Stierle

Jonathan Quintin

David Rose








1. Walter Moora: Reconnecting to the spirituality of the earth and changing our dream

Most people of the North have lost their connection to nature and the being of the earth. This disconnect has allowed us to disregard our place as good stewards of the earth.

Walter will talk, out of his struggles as a biodynamic farmer, about how he has tried to honor nature and reconnect to the spirituality of the earth.  By deeply working with the earth, both physically and spiritually, we can change our dream from consumerism to being healed by the earth we are ourselves healing.


2. Bill Stierle: The Courageous, Transparent Leader

Is there someone on your team that lacks interpersonal savvy?  There is a solution and it may not follow extreme measures as Anger Management therapy or sending them to Charm School.Emotional Intelligence has moved from the “soft” skills category to a key competency required to successfully lead an organization.

In the past two decades organizations have recognized that the personal and interpersonal skills of their executives are a key differentiator when attracting high potentials, developing talent and building teams that succeed. Emotions influence, empower or cloud what we remember, our effectiveness and the decisions we make.During this session participants will:
• Experience how to create authentic workplace relationships based in collaboration and cooperation.
• Learn the 9 elements necessary to develop the courageous, transparent and compassionate leader.
• Create a ‘No Fault’ workplace that fosters mindful risk taking, nurtured mistakes, safe vulnerability, and whole hearted honesty.
• Learn necessary skills to reinvent a company’s culture and executive teams.

Transparency reveals the character of the leader and informs others of the integrity of a person; transparency removes the need to hide and allows a shift to authentic leadership. Join Bill Stierle as he shares his 20 years of experience, knowledge and wisdom on how to incorporate NVC and Emotional Intelligence with teams and within corporate culture.


3. Jonathan Quintin: Metamorphosis

Sacred geometry can be of immense comfort at this time as it offers unchanging principles in a rapidly changing world. It can help us connect with our inner sanctum so that, like the eye of the hurricane we can maintain our center regardless of the turmoil that may occur around us.

Through aligning with ancient wisdom we can be better positioned to show the way for the increasing number of lost souls looking for direction. We can be at the forefront of the heralding of the golden age of enlightenment. We can connect through unity consciousness and open to the abundance of the unified field.


4. David Rose: Community Engagement Program: How to Get Started

CEP is the process of bringing together leaders in the community to create an application for approval to organize a Sustainable Community Partnership Bank in your area. In this workshop we’ll go deeper into the inspiration and leadership required to bring the power of this tool to your community.


3.30Pm – 6 Workshops running concurrently

Mallika Chopra

Gian Paolo

Tami Walsh







1. Mallika Chopra: Turning intention into Action

Good intentions are one thing, but the world is served by action. Learn how to harness your intents and create meaningful, positive change in the world/ It starts with a breathing exercise or by listening to the ocean and it ends with you taking control of the life you want to lead.


2. Gian Paolo: Free yourself from money related fears

This talk is about how to attain a healthy, worry free relationship with money. How to not worry when money is scarce and to not worry about losing the money when you have it in abundance. This is about raising above the polarities of abundance and scarcity. It is not about how to make money or how to becoming a millionaire – such goals are puny goals.  Such teachings will not help you to avoid the normal fluctuations of the two polarities mentioned above.


2. Tami Walsh: Teen Leadership

Tami will be speaking about the issues facing our teens today and how you can bring your youth oriented projects to their attention and make a greatly positive impact on their lives. Tami will explain her 3 keys to being a successful teen life coach and give business advice on attracting clients.


Kenny Johnson

4. Kenny Johnson: Leading from Prison

Kenny will speak briefly of his experience of grace – of release from doing work that that was not fulfilling – and how you can find your purpose, in deep dialogue with the audience.





Dream Rockwell

5. Dream Rockwell: Presentation topic: Having the Courage to say YES.

“Life is a fast moving stream, all you need to do is get in the stream and flow” i was once told. But what wasn’t revealed at the time was that all streams are filled with rocks, pebbles, curves and drops. How does one traverse the ride with grace? A true leader must find a way to withstand the storm and the beating sun. And it will take everything you’ve got! …but what else do you have to do? The time is now.

Learn how to create your personal destiny. Develop the skills needed to craft your personal legend. We’ll talk about how saying ‘yes’ to the life around you allows you to manage your state at all times. This is the first key discipline for all leaders in the new paradigm.




Joshua Wenner

Josh Wenner: The Psychology of Leadership

Activate the driving force that moves you to action and results
-Move through limitations towards resourcefulness
-Cultivate a state of mental strength to overcome barriers-Inspire strong leadership
-Embrace the power of focus to increase productivity





4.15Pm – 5 Workshops running concurrently

Dr Lori Cardellino

Al Diaz

Kaci Christian

Gunnar Lovelace

Swami John











1. Dr Lori CadelllinoLeading an Industry Paradigm Shift.

Dr.Lori candidly questions the impact the dental industry has had on the mercury issue facing the planet and it’s health impact on the population. While openly discussing the difficulty and success of leadership in an industry that is in much needed transformation. Q & A format.

2. Al Diaz: Leadership Through The Miracle of Love

Witness a Life changing presentation. The time is Now for all of us as individuals and collectively to “Remember and Lead From Your Heart!” That is how we will shift of what is going on in our world…but most importantly in our own Life.

3. Kaci Christian: Powerful Words Make Powerful Leaders

You want to be a leader, but you are reserved or quiet or don’t quite know how to get your passion across to the people whom you hope to inspire to follow you. Join this powerful session to learn how to enhance or develop your ability to communicate powerfully. This is not an NLP course, nor is it about learning how to manipulate people with your words. Instead, this is an experiential, hands-on seminar in which you will learn how to translate your passion into powerful words, how to get your message out there, and how to communicate a powerful message with a powerful style.

4. Gunnar: Conscious Living Interactive Discovery An interactive workshop

Inspired by the work of Gay and Kathlyn Hendrick’s of the Hendrick’s Institute. This workshop focuses on helping participants get clear on their conscious and unconscious commitments they are making in life. Through a simple step-by-step process, each participant gets a powerful opportunity to clarify their life purpose, while shedding limiting fears and beliefs.

5. Swami John: The No-Mind of Leadership

Mind has but one capacity and that is the capacity to dream, whether you are awake or asleep the dreaming continues. To awake from this dream is true leadership.Any true leadership starts with the awakening to one’s own nature. In this talk Swami John will endeavor to point out the major impediments stopping us from being freed of the constant data disturbing this awakening.


October 8, 2011
October 9, 2011
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