We are excited to include as part of our conference this year our Vision Competition. This is an opportunity for you as a participant to have your vision for a world based on real leadership, harmony, collaboration, love and sustainability developed under the mentorship of a select panel of our speakers at the Leaders causing Leaders conference this year and showcased to thousands of fellow participants.

3 winners of this competition will receive

1. Two one hour mentoring sessions at Leaders causing leaders conference, with our      top Speakers, during or immediately following the event.

2. Admission to 12 months of Leadership salons.

3. Full Scholarship to Leadership training courses.

To submit your vision for this competition, please fill out the form on the right, describing what have you been wanting to manifest in the world to help solve global challenges, bring more peace, or create ecological sustainability and why you think your vision should be chosen.

This Vision competition will be featured on our face book fan page and your submission will be posted for fans to vote on. The top 3 submissions with the most comments win. So spread the word by sharing our fan page and your vision and get all your friends to vote for you.

Vision Entries


1.Project Name : National You Day

Description: Changing the World one person at a time. Sharing Beauty, Bliss and Happiness. Get involved and LOVE YOURSELF ♥ Mission: Have you ever been tired of celebrating holidays that did not apply to you? Don’t have a Valentine? Not Irish? Not a Mom or Dad? Not Religious? Even if you do celebrate any of the “traditional” holidays, wouldn’t you like to have a day to yourself? Well, now you finally have a day that you can celebrate and spoil YOURSELF for a change.

Collaborator’s Name: Kenya White

2.Project Name: Shambhala Communities

Description: Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars of Russia Series of Books of Vedic Russia who has no programming at all and many consider a Maha Avatar envisions the complete restoration of Divine Vedic (Heart-Love-Knowing)Culture all over the world via Shambhala Communities of simple Living and Divine Thinking co-created by local Soul Families of individual Family Kin Domains of 2.5 Acres each where we live in Divine Abundance without the need for money or fear or lack. Who are we not to agree with Her and not participate in this Divine Vision? See www.soulmategatherings.com, our website for co-creating this 7th Golden Age world we all Know in our Heart of hearts must be.

Collaborator’s Name: Everyone

3.Project Name: LIGHT Bearers of the World

Description: A 501(c)3 non profit located in S California, our members are facilitators on topics of metaphysics, spirituality, self empowerment and science. We provide education and community outreach void any political or religious organization alliance. Currently have 4 locations growing worldwide.

Collaborator’s Name: D’Marie Mulattieri

4.Project Name : The Healing Revolution; www.vivaciousproductions.com

Description: How about a roundtable or group of speakers with audience interaction, speaking about health freedom and the issues of the controlling effects of the 5 Ivory Towers; Government/economy, Healthcare/big pharma, Education/social engineering & Media and Religion. As more and more people are becoming independents, what does this show us and what can we do to restore a higher standard of wellness. Not only as individuals but as a nation. I am a Yoga Therapist and independent Film maker and am finishing a documentary aimed a how true leadership yielding a universal transformation (not only environmental) would look like integrated in our world everywhere we need it.

Collaborator’s Name: Anton Simper

5.Project Name: International Leadership Project

Description: I have case studies from hundreds of leaders from around the world. These are ordinary people who showed course in the face of adversity and made the tough choices and exemplified leadership archetypes. I searched for people who worked behind the scenes who had a profound impact on the greatest number of people. many of the people impacted will never realize how profoundly their lives were changed. I started this project with the goal of discovering the physiology of leadership. I came away learning that leaders are made and not born…. Anyone can lead if they have the desire.

Collaborator’s Name: Paul Monroe

6.Project Name: Awaken the Kryst Within

Description: The core intent of this intensive, sound-healing event is to assist emerging leaders in removing any energetic blockages (i.e. FEAR, DISHARMONY, etc) from their bio-energetic fields and to learn to not only “manifest” but also “materialize” their true purpose and vision.

Collaborator’s Name:Adayara BudAea Rivera

7.Project Name: THINK LOVE (A Global Movement of Leading the Way in Love)

Description: Think Love.. A Message, A Reminder, A Connector to the Love within us all!!! The Think Love Message is an opportunity for each of us to remember the truth of who we all are Love, the Think Love “Vibe” is a way to experience the truth of Love and to Connect us all together as one in that one vibration of Love literally!!!… When we come from this place of True Authentic Power we realize the power of True Leadership!!! Think Love came through in a morning meditation on July 14th 2006, for Catherina the Visionary of Think Love.. (http://www.ofspirit.com/jeanclaudekoven6.htm)since that moment till the now the founders have been traveling the world sharing this message…

Speaking within schools, to people on the streets from Australia, to Hong Kong, Across America, India, Bali, Vietnam and New Zealand this message has found its way to many other parts of the world, via people that have been inspired by this vision…(www.ThinkLoveTour.com)Given a bus a year ago the Think Love Crew gave away 10,000 regular Think Love Wristbands and created the coversation of Love from New York to Chicago…

For 3wks they traveled together as one loving everyone they met…Living this vision they touched the lives of many along the way.. They have traveled constantly for the past 4.5yrs, dedicated to share what they believe is the answer to all of our preceived issues, Love. Speaking where ever they have been guided by intuition to walk, they have been called all over the world including speaking at the UN in New York. The Think Love Founders are True Authentic Visionaries, leading by example in the most powerful way of being.. Their journey in the past 3yrs has been one of also developing a new way to fulfill their vision to have the world Thinking Love Together as One!!! Introducting the Think Love “Vibe”… A way for humanity to Think Love Together as one no matter where we are in the world the, Think Love Vibe is about to be released Globally..

A Tool(they have invented) that vibrates on your wrist randomly, 5 times throughout your day to remind you to Think Love and when synced with one person or one billion people through amazing new technology on thier new website(due end of Oct)individuals and groups can create their own sync times and join together in one thought of love no matter where you are in the world.. Already they have been invited to work with such Organisations as Inspire whom prevent youth sucide.. The tool will act as an anchor in the kids lives to “Reach Out”, instead of think thoughts of sucide, they can Think Love…

They have been contacted by people around the world wanting this band before its been launched.. From Jariek Robbins to an 8yr old girl in Hong Kong, its already found its way to a Military family in Iraq, a Dad with Cancer and kids from ‘Crossroads School in LA, where young people that have endured a life of gang violence and lack of support get a second chance to finish school. Think Love banded the entire School including the Director and all its teacher’s.. Just developed after 3yrs of major committment, faith trust and love in themselves and the Universe the Founders are ready to Launch this vision formallly to the world.

Having just heard about this conference they feel this is an aligned venue to speak of Think Love’s powerful Vision and Mission. Think Love is all about awakening the Love within us all(our true leader)leading from a true space of the most powerful force in the Universe Love!! Think Love is formally Launching Globally their new website, and tool, The “Think Love “Vibe” to take this message to billions around the world.

The Think Love Founder’s have left their lives and jobs and cashed in our all their assets to live the lives they love…They are truly Inspirational Leaders Leading in an Authentic Way of Being!!! http://www.ofspirit.com/jeanclaudekoven6.htm

Collaborator’s Name: www.catherinarodriguesogorman.com

8.Project Name: Giving Soul

Description: Our mission is to inspire and support students to discover their passion to change the world and follow it through with individual action.

Collaborator’s Name:Karen Logan

9. Project Name: The Global Mandala Project

Description: Web based community art project for the implementation of a Social giving/social investing platform. An evolutionary asset banking model that uses art and technology for collective ascension:)

Collaborator’s Name: Michael Flynn

Project Name: I.M. Unlimited

Description: Growing and strengthening the foundation of family with business, communication and management skills training so today’s children gain the leadership skills needed to enjoy their potential in life as the parents, leaders and foundation of the future.

Create an international organization that incorporates the expertise of many people and their passions to create change in the world by nurturing the growth and achievement of human potential in body, mind, heart and soul. Focus is on promoting the business of family by:
1) Realizing values and personal goals through self-examination, goal setting and action planning to create personal and con-joined goals for individual and family achievement(s) toward strengthening family foundations.
2) Developing and enhancing effective communication and management skill sets in the family unit through education and experiential training.
3) Supporting, nurturing and educating the family for their children’s success in life skills, scholastic and athletic divisions, health, self-esteem and confidence.4) Providing a resource of comprehensive products, services and consultants available to support and nurture children’s leadership abilities and potential.

Recognizing that the children of today are the parents, leaders and foundation of the future and by developing and strengthening who they are today through family education and fostering leadership within we can experience a stronger and healthier community tomorrow.Collaborator’s Name: Gloria Haswell

11.Project Name: Yoga in the Hood


My mission is to bring the practice of yoga,breathing and meditation into the inner cities of Los Angeles. Through yoga, deep breathing and meditation, I believe that we can raise the consciousness of all people one breath at a time.

Collaborator’s Name: Mia Sykes

12.Project Name: Educating Future Leaders


Collaborator’s Name: Jason Kloster

13. Project Name: Give & than Live.


This is a really great opportunity for me to share my some views with the world. According to me the formula for prosperity, harmony and bring more peace (Give & than Live ). Means give the rights to the right deserves. Spread Love & Harmony as much as you can and you will win the world. Give love and live with peace. There should be no boundaries where we have to live. Punish the guilty persons and appreciate who deserve. That’s all.

Collaborator’s Name:Bilal Ahmed Durrani

14.Project Name: Bizno (temporary)


Providing free business consulting services to inner city start up and existing businesses through community outreach.

Collaborator’s Name: Femi Abodunde

15.Project Name: Supporting Youth To Seek & Trust Their Inner Light


Humanity remains in a deep state of amnesia of our fundamental unity. “Problems” are still perceived rather than perfection. This is a fundamental error in understanding of wisdom teachings. We are asked not to change the world, but to change how we view the world. Enlightened ones surrendered their belief in the illusion (the world) by trusting only the Absolute Truth and our Perfect Divinity. Supporting youth to seek our Inner Light may help remind adults that Coherent Light (us and earth’s Soul) cannot be harmed, and that none of us are our bodies. The Inner Light guides us gently toward surrendering our fear of awakening (letting go of the world). The mind-veils in youth may be less dense than grown-ups, so supporting their inner journey may help quicken our own awakening. And, as we surrender our belief in the world, insights pour forth into our minds for how to navigate our way gently through the remaining moments of our dreamtime. forgivingthedream.com

Collaborator’s Name: Laura Bedford

16. Project Name: Quantum Sense: The New Common Sense


Our species has lost its way. Our world is at a crossroads. The way we have viewed the world for centuries, is no longer working in many crucial ways. From the Gulf oil disaster to the global financial meltdown, our future depends upon a new vision that is emerging from modern science and spirituality. We are an emerging future that depends upon us and our collective vision. Quantum Sense – The New Common sense is a look at how learning about The Story of the Universe – our epic 13.7 billion year journey together – has vital keys to the solutions for our most challenging issues. Dr. Herby Bell explores our common origin story as a unifying and compassionate way forward, toward a better world and bright future. http://gallery.me.com/herbybell#100120/Worldview-desktop&bgcolor=black

Collaborator’s Name: Herby Bell

17.Project Name: “Project Recycle”


We,as in a group of willing participants, go out into the community with trash bags and gloves and poke sticks(for far away or too nasty to touch garbage) etc. and clean up areas as best we can. Yes, community service does this, but, not really and not willing- but ‘forced’… I have done this in the Santa Monica mountains/hills with some awesome friends of mine, though few, far and in between. I’d like to do it way more often and with more participation.:-) I think just the sight of this from on- lookers can change our perception and goals of what we want to see and be in a community. :-)

Collaborator’s Name: Kim Greek

18.Project Name: Nonprofit Sector Foundation


We represent a powerful new breed of organizations that create sustainable societal change by modeling the combination of passionate social mission work with the efficiency of a market-based, business networking approach.

Our Mission: To be the catalyst for a renewed, sustained and unified nonprofit sector.
Our Vision: To be the model of nonprofit social entrepreneurialism to ultimately benefit the world’s communities. www.nonprofitsectorfoundation.org

Collaborator’s Name: Amy Lynn Frost and Courtney Pepper

19.Project Name: “UNITY STREET”

Description: Create a multi-cultural, inter-religious designated street in each city across America celebrating the diversity and the message that, “… there is unity in diversity.” These streets will also serve as a memory of all those who died on 9/11 and for all who have served, and are serving, and will serve, humanity.

Collaborator’s Name: Cantor Estherleon Schwartz

20.Project Name: Manyrivers Collective

Description: I want to develop a program whereby public schools can reap the benefits of full scale Permaculture conversion. I wish to see intelligent redesigning of the environments we educate our children in. Rainwater harvesting, solar arrays, organic food, green product use and comprehensive environmental education: at NO cost to the schools.

Collaborator’s Name: www.manyriverscollective.com

21. Project Name: Get That You Matter, Inc.

Description: Our vision is to create a global social enterprise based on the revolutionary business model of Sacred Commerce, valuing all relationships with and within the company in four essential areas: profitability, awakening, sustainability and service. In other words, honoring all beings as worthy of Love. With our dynamic company culture, we will serve as an example of a conscious community within the global community, embodying our Purpose of inspiring, educating and empowering all people to Remember who they are, to Get that they matter and to Be their greatest contribution to the world.

Our Core Values, including integrity, sustainability, leadership, oneness, joy, social justice, abundance and love, will be the foundation upon which every aspect of the business will be built – relationships, marketing, products and more.The leaders of Getting That You Matter will be in service to their employees, clients and partner organizations. In turn, everyone in relationship with and within the company will experience and even embody this elemental spirit of Service to All.
The company’s product and service lines will be based on a series of books which feature members of the global community sharing their stories of getting that they matter. The company will also produce other inspirational products, community-building tools and educational programs that remind every human being that we each play a vital role in the sustainability and quality of life on earth such that we take positive action in contributing to the world personally, locally and globally.

Collaborator’s Name:Erin Ross, Amor Hayward


22. Project Name: GLCs: Advanced Technologies and Centers for Sustainable Living

Description: The global mobilization of advanced human technologies for activating higher consciousness and for the building of centers that model sustainable living. The Centers serve as magnets for implementing advanced human, healing and green technologies, as well as environmental design.

Collaborator’s Name: Carol Fitzpatrick

23.Project Name: COB…Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance

Description: COB…Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance is inviting you to build a community with us. It is our intention that in coming together, we can change the Special Ed process as we know it today by: Inspiring hope in parents, Creating change in the public school systems and Building new relationships with other parents, educators, teachers, and specialist. COB’s vision is to create a website called COB Community.org, where community can occur.

The focus will be to provide knowledge for parents and teachers through practical tools and exercises. These exercises involve students, teachers, parents and specialists working together with a common knowledge, vocabulary and exercise base. The tools will be in the form of learning strategies that can be implemented immediately in the classroom, or home, for decreased frustration and increased accuracy in learning for children.

These exercises are designed to strengthen the child’s individual brain pathways and help them develop into independent, competent learners. The focus is on the child’s strengths in learning, because EVERY child has the potential to be a brilliant learner. The information is being developed right now and will be ready for distribution soon. It all starts here. It all starts with you. You can make an enormous impact on your community and on the world.

Collaborator’s Name: JoQueta Handy, M.S., CCC-SLP

24.Project Name: Royal Rep Realty.

Description: Our goal is to educate the home owners and direct them into making the right decision. We want to help home owners to help us Re-construct the Real Estate industry and to build the consumer’s financial strength by planning, marketing and continuing support with the right education. Great step-by-step action plans that will help them get everything they desire. We are enormously committed to providing exceptional personal service to our clients.

We don’t just pay lip service to our internal mission statement: “To create clients for life through the finest service, to make a difference”. It is Royal REPs’ heart and Soul, and the fundamental of our positive attitude and success. That’s why Royal REPs’ consultants not only receive in-depth professional training (the benchmark for the industry) but are also committed to building meaningful and genuine personal relationships with their clients. And the huge volume of referrals and repeat business generated is proof that this works to everyone’s satisfaction.

A totally consultative approach is what makes the Royal REP way of doing things so seamless. Trust, honesty and integrity remain the company’s personal hallmarks. Add to those attributes an intimate knowledge of the local market and current property trends, a solid work ethic plus well developed negotiation skills and you have the perfect recipe for success.

Collaborator’s Name: Houman Jahongard

25.Project Name: Beanie’s Bag – Video series/social emotional teaching tool for children

Description: Beanie’s Bag is a visually engaging, mixed media children’s video series that focuses on life lessons, social skills and spirituality in a vibrant, enthusiastic way. It is not only highly interactive but also “accompanied”. Every episode revolves around a real, inspirational Chicken Soup Story (aka CSS).

There is a bottomless well of real stories out there that celebrate what’s right with the world. The purpose is to provide today’s children, as young as possible, the opportunity to witness, process and validate crucial behavioral, social and spiritual concepts by viewing scenarios that are played out before them.

That these stories are real, non-fiction stories only helps emphasize the authenticity of the experience. I see this series as an ongoing teaching tool for not only discerning, emotionally conscious parents, but also for therapists, youth organizations and religious institutions. (tried to submit attachment but it said the file type not allowed. Please let me know if there is some other way to get you a more comprehensive explanation of the project)

Collaborator’s Name: Julie Morgavi

26.Project Name: One Love

Description: My name is Adam Aarons, I am an Actor/Producer owner of First Creation Pictures. Through success in the film industry I hope to use my public stance in positive way to help others who just need to look on the brighter side. One Love is an NPO I am looking to form that will in essence become the driving force for our worlds next generation. Giving motivational & financial stability to those in the world who in essence did not have the proper resources to follow their dreams. We also hope to set up a volunteer program where professionals in all fields would dedicate a week or two to help share their experiences and learnings in other places of the world. This world commences on synergy, we all build off one another, it is a balance for everything we take we must give back and this way we will all work in harmonious way.

Collaborator’s Name: Adam Aarons

27.Project Name: Jungle Days

Description: Helping humanity cope with the transition from childhood to adulthood. An adapt in a healthy prospers way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA6_TuRM0gM

Collaborator’s Name: Andrew Michael Clements

28. Project Name: Elephant Shoes

Description: America needs SUNSHINE, hope, positivity, and people to look up to! I am a 21 year old girl who is lucky enough to understand the bigger picture in life along with a serious passion for spreading my joy to the world! My vision is a show about GIVING- but with a twist! I want to make it adventurous, daring, and opening to the mind when it comes to what ALL people can do to help. I want to think outside of the box in finding ways to bring awareness to problems in the US and finding solutions, bring all generations together to help, and show the world that it all starts with a SMILE! :) Its about filling in bigger shoes– Elephant Shoes!

Collaborator’s Name: Dana May Jamison

29. Project Name: “Life Is Wonderful” Music Video artist- jason mraz


The song has completely embodied how I feel about life and all the pain, the suffering, the beauty the laughter that it entails..that its all so wonderful. but its difficult to see when in the dark abyss of sadness. I created and storyboarded a music video that is my dream to produce and direct. I want others to see this and know that they are not alone in this suffering…that it is NOT punishment, that with a wider perspective, we see that we are all in the same big beautiful colorful boat. To accomplish this message I would need access to cg animation and of course – Jason Mraz. Two things I can not access alone. I don’t want to make a profit. I just want this idea that’s been haunting my dreams for 5 years to be OUT THERE. I think people need to see it. I have included a treatment and I have a storyboard ready upon request. Thank you so much.



Jason Mraz

Music Video Treatment


Carolina Espiro

Collaborator’s Name: Carolina Espiro


30. Project Name: Speak Change

Description: I feel as though change starts with freah minds, unscathed by the trails of life. The children! I am a spoken word artist, actor and professional networker. I have a purpose on this planet while alive; that is to touch and heal. I believe in the power of the spoken word. Words can move mountains and sway the masses. In April 2010, I was invited to share some words at Vaughn Middle School. I was the only African American and the camera operator was the only causasian male. The words share had an auditorium of 400 or 8th graders in tears, along with faculty. I have been asked to come back and teach in a workshop what I do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro2PLZsUc8c.

Collaborator’s Name: Rashawn E. Vaughn

31.Project Name: Gift circle network

Description:To create a self-organizing, decentralized network that re-localizes communities, fosters resilience, builds social capital, and creates economic self-sufficiency by activating latent resources through sharing needs and gifts in Gift Circles. In a gift circle each person takes a turn describing something she needs and others can chime in with offers. The second time around, folks describe something they would like to give: unused materials, labor, time, expertise. They can give babysitting, massage, organizing, mechanical help. These circles have been starting all over the US.

Collaborator’s Name: Alpha Lo

32.Project Name: I heart Mutts

Description: Hi! I’m a model/actress, animal lover & activist. I grew up in Puerto Rico where my family had a make shift shelter in our back yard. Due to my profession, I have traveled all over the world. My travels helped me realize that my passion, my calling, is to work towards bettering the lives of our animal friends. I run a small Los Angeles-based nonprofit with a comprehensive, cost-efficient, socially responsible and humane plan for dealing with the alarming number of homeless dogs in the Third World.

Using mobile, high volume spay and neuter clinics, we hope to substantially reduce unwanted litters. Our goal is straight forward – to offer free spay and neuter surgeries to pet owners in the communities we visit. With a structured plan to control overpopulation we hope to prevent this problem from further spiraling out of control. In order to effect a change – Community Canines will plan and organize month long spay and neuter missions to communities where we hope to curb the alarming rate at which these animals are reproducing.

We have a very simple solution for a problem that not only affects the animals, but the health of the people living in these communities – where stray dogs carry fleas, mites, disease and rabies. Programs such as ours are typically welcomed and very often encouraged by local government as the overpopulation of starving dogs can be a hindrance on tourism. At Community Canines and iHeartMutts.com our philosophy is simple, to stop the suffering.

Collaborator’s Name: Neva Kaya


33. Project Name: Global Instincts

Description: Every leader must find his or her own voice, a voice that is as much an expression of the self as any artist. Global Instincts provides a practical holistic path to help people express their hidden and most powerful characteristics. These interactive exercises and workshops draw upon lessons from various disciplines such as martial arts, wilderness training, performance arts and competitive sports to add an adventurous spin to concepts not learned in traditional schools.

Collaborator’s Name: Alex Angarita

34. Project Name: Circle One Visionary Multi-Media Center

Description: An Eleven Dome Eco-Media Complex and Metaphysical Think Tank,comprised of three components: Healing Light, Media and Communications, promoting “Global Unity Through Peaceful Media.” We are a newly formed 501(c)(3) Charitable Educational Organization established in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with several innovative and relevant projects in the works.

Collaborator’s Name: Kasandra Clemente (“Forenna”), Founder/Director, with three capable Board of Directors.

35. Project Name: WEE, Inc. (Women Empowering Everyone)

Description: Hello, I represent IFBB Pro & single-mother, Nita Marquez. Nita is the visionary and founder of WEE, Inc. A not-for-profit set-up to help assist single-moms to get the education training necessary so that they may be empowered to better their lives and the lives of their children. i have attached a brief synopsis on WEE and a bio on Ms. Marquez. Nita is passionate regarding the cause and the ideal candidate for the show. Please contact me to discuss further.

Collaborator’s Name: Nita Marquez

36.Project Name: Tribal Truth

Description:Tribal Truth puts a tribe behind your dream. We are an existing organization in San Diego, empowering women to own their self-worth, be authentic, create partnership and collaboration with one another, and build a trusting, powerful community of one global tribe. We seek to end the disempowerment of women around the world and stop the caddy, competitive nature of the “mean girls”. We empower women to own their voice and speak their truth. We are growing our organization globally and would love the opportunity to connect with other aspiring leaders.

Collaborator’s Name: Tanya Paluso

37.Project Name: New American Divas

Description: To produce Cathartic entertainment that elevates self-esteem, self awareness & self empowerment on a global level.

Collaborator’s Name: Deena Jacobs & Djakarta


38.Project Name: Lightning Temple

Description: Our goal is to use unique, fantastic performances to attract people’s attention to world changing ideas. We will create a stage where the performers are dancing with the electricity created by a giant Tesla~coil in order to tell a story which promotes cooperative value systems. All the while, this will attract audience members to a pre- and post-show foyer featuring educational information, ecological products, and workshops where people can learn the easiest ways to save themselves time and money by being ecologically and community conscious.  We have already been to several conferences and festivals (e.g. The International Alchemy Conference, Mind-Share, Maker’s Faire, Burning Man & BM Decompression LA {where we were the main fire~dance stage in 2009}), and continue to plan how we might offer people information about how we are fast becoming the next, sustainable phase in cultural evolution.

Collaborator’s Name: Michael Tam Wood

39. Project Name: SPOKE

Description:I am an artist that is very passionate about art, music, words, action, and storytelling. I grew up writing, studied art/design and am pursing acting/music. I find storytelling the one connecting factor between all people and a grounding that gives meaning, hope and inspiration. I love the raw act of spoken word and the ability music has to transport us emotionally in an instant. My vision is to combine the energy of a spoken word stage performance with the beat and lyrical quality of melody creating original work that everyone can create and participate in. This would be a type of performance art that is meant to inspire and target differences through a combined medium deeply rooted in every culture. These mediums combine the musical elements of hip hop to classical, stage art direction and visual artistry to dance and movement – all of which result back to the words and tones of the story that is being told.

Collaborator’s Name: Sarah Bibbó

40. First & Last Name: Stephanie Beeby

Topics of Interest:

We are a group of entrepreneurs who have a passion for highlighting the power of the Universal Laws in living, leading and making a difference in the world. We would love to have time to ‘feature’ several of the speakers and spread the word through our multiple social media platforms.

We have access to about 20,000 through our channels. Some of the speakers or interviews we would love to capture in ‘highlighted form’ would include Chip Conley, Mikki Willis, Linda Bretherton, Byron Katie, Norman Wolfe, Mirabai Devi as well as the Founders of the Conference who we believe are excellent at bringing the most influential people together to co-create transformation in how we lead and how we live.

This media pass request is for our entire team: *Celebrity Photographer, Moriah Diamond *Co-host, Social Media Expert: Emmanuel Bombardier *Co-host, Organizational Strategist: Stephanie Beeby *Co-host, Online Marketing Expert: Jared James Pedersen.


41. Project Name: Strong and healthy body – Strong and healthy mind

Description:It’s so simple, mind and body connection. Curves, perfect place to start, women with commitment to strong and healthy body, mothers, sisters, friends…When they learn the power of thoughts, they will teach their children, their relatives and friends,they will change the world!

Collaborator’s Name: Snezana Lazarevic

42.Project Name: URANTIA ON FIRE

Description:We are bringing about the worldwide upliftment of our planet by accelerating the mass awareness of the most important document on the planet – The Urantia Book. We continually re-invent ourselves into dynamic leaders who will not fail at our chosen task. We utilize a multitude of methods and means to do our work. We welcome input from all who will help us fulfill on our mission.

Collaborator’s Name: Thomas Orjala

43.Project Name: Village of Dreams

Description: Building all green and environmentally friendly villages for homeless kids outside of every major city in the world where they can live, be taught and mentored by elders and the community and become empowered to take on their own life and become the new leaders in this world.

Collaborator’s Name: Maya, Nandy and Ann

44. Project Name: Rays of Universal Wisdom

Description: To illuminate the state of our planet by inspiring and encouraging purposeful living where values affirming human dignity, human rights and the integrity of creation are nurtured, protected and promoted To inspire individuals and societies to internalize Universal Truths into ones live. To incorporate the Universal Ideals, found in all the world’s faiths and philosophies, in a matter accessible and applicable to all.

To synergize individuals, communities and societies to take actions which are morally right, ethically just, and inherently virtuous. This reform cannot be decreed by law nor implemented by force. It can only be realized through self examination, reformation and refinement through abiding to the noble standards of Universal ethics, virtues, and all the higher values.
The values of Universal Citizens can be found in the book “Rays of Universal Wisdom” by Roozbeh B. www.roozbehb.com This unique work is a fusion of art, spirituality and symbolism. A collection of ninety-nine artistically interpreted inspirational quotations and commentaries gathered from the essence of universal values.

Collaborator’s Name: Roozbeh Bahramali

45. Project Name: Get Visible and Into the Spotlight! You matter.

Description: Empowering people to release and activate true inspiration from within who have allowed genetics, doubt, worry and fears to stop them from sharing their gifts and who they really are plus most importantly how SPIRIT wants to be expressed through YOU!

Collaborator’s Name: Mimi Quick

46. Project Name: Concious Food Project

Description: Hi, Thanks for your attention today. My project is to create a concious food movement by building a working example of what that means. The project involves funding for a greenhouse as I am in the North Eastern Canada, to grow wholesome, pesticide free fruits,and vegetables. The greenhouse will allow the community to purchase “clean” and local food at reasonable prices.

The project will also provide consulting to others in the community who also wish to do their own urban garden. Aside from the greenhouse will be a small cafe/restaurant that serves basic but delicious and nutritious foods with ingredients that are transparent and from the garden as much as possible. This is a “back to basics” approach to food and will be a model of food security and economy. Thank you for your time.

Collaborator’s Name:Bonnie Meisels

47.Project Name: The Circle Painting 50/50 Project

Description: Circle Painting also provides a well-developed process to ensure unparalleled public art-making experiences for participants around the world. Our vision is to develop leaders who will employ art to improve their communities. THE 50/50 PROJECT: Now, imagine 50 large-scale Circle Paintings, each completed in one of the 50 states! The 50/50 Project is a campaign to bring inspiration, healing, and harmony through collaborative art making and we need your help! We welcome organization and individual volunteers to host and facilitate Circle Painting projects in local communities!

Collaborator’s Name: Hiep Nguyen

48. Project Name: REGROUP

Description: Regroup is a process that evolves a persons life organically, helping each connect their dots, mapping their path, creating a visual representation for them to see what is actual and aligned with who they vibrationally are. From here the real living begins. It is a grounded, practical, applicable, approach to actual engagement… living : ) http://regroupnow.com/

Collaborator’s Name:Oskar Urbanski


Description: Active global meditations with 1,000 conscious creative people meditating together from every continent. Telemeditations or Internet broadcasts for specific empowerment -upliftment at each full moon and new moon. Focus on awakening hearts and minds of leaders and influential beings in all nations, healing ecology, empowering light workers and all aspects of life. These started 2007 www.aglobalexperiment.com

Collaborator’s Name: JacQuaeline

50. Project Name: Media Bridge Foundation

Description: The Media Bridge Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on fostering the production and distribution of multi-media projects that serve as the “bridge” to the existential knowledge of who or what we truly are. Through the creative process and viewership of the Foundation’s multi-media, we cross the bridge of experience into the space of being truth itself.

Collaborator’s Name: Salina Storozuk

51. Project Name: Marginalized No More!


Through a Speaking event…To ignite freedom, courage and healing! If we can live in a world where we walk beside more resilient and authentically powerful people, who are modeling what we hope to accomplish, our own vision becomes that much more possible and accessible. Then, we are not going after something that exists only in the realm of the imagination. The bigger the numbers of people I—and we—can impact, the more walking testament-examples we have of what is ultimately possible from the human being.


Collaborator’s Name:

Carlton Wilborn

52. Project Name: The soul of success

Description: Success can be achieved with soul, higher vision, collaboration and virtue. By sharing how energy applies to every facet of the business the entire entity can be more soulful, ecological, collaborative, and profitable.

Collaborator’s Name: Sheevaun O’Connor Moran


53. Project Name: GoLocal Travel

Description: A online solution that helps both market and connect travelers in search of real responsible, sustainable, and community-based tour operators worldwide. Listings have review ratings and are free. (Unlike other travel agents). We believe a mark-up that doesn’t help the local communities is not truly responsible. Operators and properties listed are chosen for being community leaders. The site also serves as a connections for tech-savvy volunteers (technomads) wishing to help the local organizations pro-bono.

Collaborator’s Name: Lilia VIlla


54. Project name: The Pacific Heart Center for Global Leadership

Description: A global leadership center based on the big island of Hawaii, this center is both a retreat for world leaders where they can re-connect with their own hearts, vision and mission- but also a learning and exchange ground where global leaders learn from one another what is working to create positive change in their countries or communities, teach each other strategies, tools and techniques for mastering the three levels of leadership – self, others,and global.

Collaborator’s Name
Vincent j Kellsey


55. Project Name: Create Your Health

Description: I’m all about empowering people with choices for healing and creating a vibrant whole life. My goal is to promote holistic alternative health choices outside of drugs and surgery through video, blogs, in person mixers, and health fairs. I am doing this on a small yet successful scale and it’s time to go global! www.CreateYourHealth.com I’m challenging the old paradigm of drugs and surgery and empowering people to heal themselves through cutting edge technology, indigenous wisdom, energy healing, shamanism, etc. and to heal fully on all levels of our existence – Body, Mind, Spirit.

Collaborator’s Name: Peter Bedard

56. Project Name

Description: I am a fan of the arts in all categories and I would love to see the passion of artists in the field of writing, singing, dancing, architecture, natural perfumery(perfumers), poets and others work with celebrities(actors)/recording (singers)artist to form a televised concert to raise funds for hunger and bring attention to human writes especially in countries will human rights are none or violated. Collaborator’s Name
Felicia M. HazzardEmail
[email protected] Name
we would like to merge sustainable travel supporting environmental conservation and indigenous preservation with health, wellness and spiritual growth workshops/retreat promoting personal growth, cross-cultural understanding and economic development.

Collaborator’s Name
: Silvia Christmann

57. Project Name
: TEDx: Youth for America’s schools

Description: Use Your Outside Voices:

TEDxYouth in America’s school’s Bring TEDxYouth events into schools nation-wide, elevate young ideas, amplify their voices so the community will see that they matter. In the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading,” the program give communities, organizations, individual youth the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design)-like experiences in local schools.

At TEDxYouth events a combination of live student presenters and TEDTalks videos sparks deep conversation and connections. TEDxYouth events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis by and for youth. What you’ll find at every TEDxYouth event: The content and design of each is unique and developed independently, and all TEDxYouth events have several features in common.

• TED’s celebrated format: A suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances (live, or just TEDTalks videos-available for free at TED.com-from TED.com) on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder — and to provoke conversations that matter • Bias-free programming: Lack of any commercial, religious or political agenda TEDx events for children/youth are sprouting up everywhere — bringing together local educators, organizations and kids for activities, live talks and storytelling that engages young minds to learn and experience with fresh thinking. We propose scaling up TEDxYouth in each of nearly 25,000 public American middle and high schools.

In 2009, there was 1 TEDx, in 2011 globally: 2,000. Let’s let the kids use their tech outside voices to dramatically energize America with their digitally native ideas.

Collaborator’s Name
: McKenzy Haber,

58. Project Name: 
World Heal/Free Distance Healing

Project Description: World Heal embraces all Consciousness, people and movements which seek to heal this planet, people and all aspects upon it. As a personal contribution and real demonstration of work beyond mere words….World Heal created the FaceBook Free Distance Healing Project www.facebook.com/freeDistanceHealingProject which appears now to be the largest and most effective FREE Distance Healing on the planet. Over 250,000 annually RSVP to its FREE weekly healing events. Thousands of testimonials from cancer to coma in a little over a year demonstrate the impact that one Visionary and still anonymous Healer can have on the planet.

Collaborator’s Name
: Whimsical Mystic


59. Project Name: Earth Walk

We’re currently in development for Earth Walk 2012 – scheduled for April 22nd, 2012. The vision has expanded tremendously. My vision is to have 1 million Earth Walks happening simultaneously, around the planet, by 2022.

Earth Walk happened in 7 locations last year and we expect a LOT more this year.


60. Project NameLiving In The G.O.D., The Greater Omnipresent DomainDescription:

Juliette Miles is the creator of The Greater Omnipresent Domain and Living In The G.O.D., author of “Beautifully Scarred and Living In the Greater Omnipresent Domain” and “Embracing your Beautiful Scars and Shine On To Live Your Best Life Seminars.” Juliette is an inspirational mentor, motivational speaker, life/business/beauty coach who has dedicated herself to raising awareness to stop bullying and heal the world with self-love. Each month, Juliette hosts a 4-week inspirational seminar series entitled “Embracing Your Beautiful Scars and Shine On to Live Your Best Life.” The seminar series, which is held on Tuesday evenings, takes participants on a journey toward realizing their best selves by embracing the beautiful scars of life. Juliette emphasizes that her goal is to create a movement of Living In the Greater Omnipresent Domain which includes “The understanding of knowing, that without those life scars, compassion, empathy, self-love and forgiveness can not be mastered.” Juliette teaches individuals to embrace life’s obstacles and struggles and turn them into extraordinarily refined pathways of learning through enlightenment. Attendees have described Juliette’s seminars as “fun,” “meaningful,” “enlightening,” “stimulating,” “empowering,” and “purposeful.” Juliette’s Living In The G.O.D. saying and logo raise awareness of living and conducting ourselves with unconditional love, kindness, truth, integrity, authenticity, self love, and reverence for all. Her message: “You matter, you are ENOUGH, you shine in the light of your Gods Conscious of which you were born and that is your greatest gift to yourself, your loved ones, your family, your teens, children and to the world is self love.” She seeks to raise awareness all over the world to stop bullying and join the Living In The G.O.D. movement of self love for all to heal the world.

Collaborator’s Name: Juliette Miles

61. Project Name: ABC of Conscious Parenting – Agreements Before Conception

Description:’Agreements Before Conception’ is a project meant to help teens and young adults, become conscious of what kind of decisions they will have to make if, and when, they become parents. It is also a book to help prepare parents to be, to explore all the possible confrontations they may have with their partners when it comes to making those decisions about being conscious parents. By discovering early on what subjects are tender to each partner and finding win-win solutions before conception, children can grow up with love and peace in their homes. Children raised harmoniously can become better parents themselves and ultimately help provide peaceful leadership to our world.

Collaborator’s Name: Anna & Christofer Krajec

62. Project Name: Wandering planet

Decription: We would like to merge sustainable travel supporting environmental conservation and indigenous preservation with health, wellness and spiritual growth workshops/retreat promoting personal growth, cross-cultural understanding and economic development.

Collaborator’s Name: Silvia Christmann

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