Testimonials from Leaders Causing Leaders Conference,

I personally got to understand and experience life in a whole new way and will forever be changed by the people,ideas and way of looking at life, for the rest of my life. Thank you – Mary

Thank you again, Ken, for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this amazing event. Above everything, the quality of the people involved was of the highest and most inspiring fromaround the world, a conference bringing togetherthe greatest minds of our time – Dashama

Greetings ALL…I give thanks for the TOTAL EXPERIENCE…Kenneth, YOU are an amazing SOUL tofulfill Spirit’s Vision knowing that this last event was only the tip of the iceberg of what has Shifted others to LEAD by. The whole team from production to volunteers were amazing as, WE were called to the higher purpose of aligning to texture the hearts of humanity to become more and never less than our TRUEST selves. I am ever so grateful to partake with such amazing Soul’s…Peace and LOVE – Rich

I want to live in the world of LcL everyday – Joshua Potters daughter

AMAZING … I know YOU kicked off so many new things to come.. and looking forward to co-creating in thefuture! ? Stephanie Beeby
I had a profound experience.. It was extraordinary to see leaders come together to speak and influence harmony, empowerment and remind individuals of the capability of a higher sense of consciousness. It was a privilege to be in presence of true kindness, love and gratitude toward life and toward each other. – Ana

Everyone I spoke to connected, and there was life transformation happening every where you turned. All of the people that attended were so grateful and gained new awareness and wisdom. –  Renee Piane Campanella

Leaders Causing Leaders was a phenomenal success. Whatis even more impressive was the quality of the people who attended. I know your vision was to create a venue where leadership can be show cased but more importantly, where people can be moved to connect with the leader within them. In my humble opinion that was achieved in spades. – Norman Wolfe

Thank you again, Ken, for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this amazing event. Above everything, the quality of the people involved was of the highest and most inspiring from around the world. I know Leadershift will continue to grow to become a world renowned conference bringing together the greatest minds of our time. – Dashama

Wow, I am STILL buzzing from the magical energy of your event last weekend. I know I spoke to you from my heart to yours about what a privilege and honor I felt to be included. Thank you again! – Tami, Tami Walsh, M.A. President, Teen Wisdom Inc.

Divine Ken, Megan & Erin, You planted a mighty seed. As big as this concept Leaders Causing Leaders is, is also the outrageousness of your vision that grows with the successful sprout this event. Largeness of thoughts to bring higher consciousness for all is the absolute ‘flow’ as the happening idea of these amazing times. Deep gratitude and love  – Tapasyogi Nandhi

Dear Kenneth:

It has taken me awhile to be able to articulate the value of my participation in the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference and mygratitude for you allowing me to come for a donation. My life literally will NEVER be the same!

I have attended many conferences, trainings, workshops all over this country. Nothing not one had the POWER of love, the courageous audacity of moral authority and the wisdom and information that was all jam packed into this transformative weekend. I was lifted up, in body, mind and spirit! I will never again measure my worth or ability based on my life experiences or on what others say about me. Today, I stand fearless, knowing that I am all and that I am a part of this glorious One song.

I feel supported, really supported for the first time in my life!! As I write this, I am weeping, for Joy and from a profound place of gratitude. I felt so honored, connected, “seen”,acknowledged, valued at this conference. So many times, in the past I have felt invisible, insignificant, not this time!! Oh how my life is different, today. I have a sense of freedom I have never known or thought before.

I want to be a part of taking Leaders Causing Leaders across the country. Healing Soul of America, Inc is planning a tour of 25 cities in 2011. We have a grassroots organizer who will be full time starting January in neighborhoods mobilizing youth who will attend a series ofleadership trainings in the Spring. Our plan is to host a national youth leadership Summit in Santa Barbara December 2011.

I invite LCL to partner with us on this tour. The consciousnss, I experienced at the conference WILL transform neighborhoods currently filled with violence, poverty and despair into awakened centers of spiritual transformation, hope, joy and love!
We are planning an event here in Santa Barbara on December 11th that we are calling the Miracle of Love and we invite the participation of LCL.
Kenneth, I bless you and honor you. Thank you for your consciousness which is so pure and so clear. Thank you for your vision, your passion and your commitment to the awakening of this planet. Thank you for your courage and your willingness to keep going even when the empirical data does not support what you are doing. YOU have changed my life and as a result will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth all over this country and the world. –
Namaste’Audrey Addison Williams Healing Soul of America, Inc.One America Arising Nation wide Grass roots Movement

Dear Kenneth,
First let me take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank you for bringing a family of leaders together to celebrate, create and dream amongst one another. The field of love was palpable and delicious. I enjoyed every moment of my time there this weekend.
I connected with many old and new friends and am just now beginning to feel my way into what the next steps are with those connections.

Our panel on human rights was amongst the favorite of the day for many people who spoke with us and it was a true joy to share our experience and heart from around the globe on what the new path ways of partnership, collaboration and what I know as the feminine way emerging into the world at this time.

My workshop on Sunday on feminine leadership was small yet very, very deep. We had wonderful Byron Katie paralleling our session. An hour was just the beginning edge and everyone wanted to continue for a couple of more hours.
While I know how quickly this was put together and that there were many challenges logistically, the quality was still wonderfully inclusive and the information very enriching. As always, we have always been challenged with our events of how to sustain the momentum and continue to keep the connection flowing.

I am available to assist in any way with our resources and connections in the next stages of your planning for a next venue. I would like to gather the Los Angeles based participants together for a follow up conversation and would love to talk to you a little more about that. Perhaps an email could go out to all the participants and ask them what their one dream of service in the world would be right now. Perhaps a Leaders Causing Leaders sponsored workshops that continue with the themes we started for those who want to continue right now.

So sorry I missed meeting you in person Kenneth. I hope we can speak soon.
In love and blessing, – Bonnie Mansdorf